Cocos Creator FAQ for 3.x (Part 1)

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CocosCreator Document


CocosCreator Release

CocosCreator Downloader

CocosCreator Engine

CocosCreator Engine Native

Third-party tools and resources

Feedback to the development team

CocosCreator component-based development and editor extensions

Demo for design reference


How to use howler? > You need to import howler like this:

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How to use @rlx/feim? > You can use rlxfeim like this:

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How to use Colyseus Schema? > you can use Schema like this:

in this way,you need to add “allowSyntheticDefaultImports”: true to tsconfig.json.

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How to use inversifyjs? > Sorry, we don’t support inversify because we don’t support emitDecoratorMetadata.

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Need help with creating an animation clip in script > If you want to create a clip with 2 frames of the property x you need to customize engine. Here is my customize code :

and use code:

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Error when custom template build in cocos creator v2.4.6 > The build-templates folder will copy all index.html to build, you can custom build folder for fb-instant-games in engine build-templates :

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Should I use any cache mode for Label if I use BITMAP font file? > If you use BMFont , you should select none.BMFont does not require this optimization.

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Render the camera immediately > You can refer to :

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Hello world project CC 3.4, Native build (Mac OS) - Failed > It may cause by XCode 11.3, you need to update XCode to at least 11.5.

refer to :GitHub - cocos/engine-native: Native engine for Cocos Creator v2.x

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