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If you don’t know what’s backend API, then you can refer to this ticket for detail information. The backend API is to design a API that cross metal/opengl/vulkan. This ticket will update the progress of the API design an…

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Cocos Creator v2.0.4 with Google Play Instant support! The Playtime Conference hosted by Google Play was held in Germany on October 18th, 2018. The BIG NEWS: In partnership with Google, Cocos Creator v2.0.4 was release…

How about remove 3D related and some other codes when integrating metal? ( 2 ) [cocos2d-x] (38)

As mentioned in this thread, cocos2d-x will support metal. When adapting metal, it will break some APIs, so it is time to remove some codes that are not good implemented or out dated, such codes are: 3d related codes d…

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