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Cocos Creator v2.0 released! After a large-scale underlying refactoring and a two-month stability iteration, Cocos Creator v2.0 is finally available. The core goals of the Cocos Creator v2.0 design were twofold: Signif…

Graphics backend for opengl and metal ( 2 ) [C++] (27)

As Apple deprecated OpenGL/OpenGL ES, i am doing research how to support metal for Cocos2d-x. So i am designing a new backend API to support at least OpenGL/OpenGL ES 2/metal. It may support vulkan in future, but is not …

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Let's talk about Cocos BCX a blockchain based gaming platform [Announcements] (6)

Introducing Cocos-BCX! Cocos-BCX is a decentralized gaming and digital assets development platform built upon the Cocos2d-x engine - one of the largest gaming developer community with 1.1 million developers. The core co…

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