Cocos Creator v2.0.6 released! [Announcements] (8)

Cocos Creator v2.0.6 has been released! Cocos Creator v2.0.6 is based on the v2.0.5 upgrade, providing fast access to Facebook Audience Network and Facebook Live Video on Android and iOS, while maintaining v2.0.5 stabil…

SSL deployment rollout [Announcements] (2)

I’m moving all of our domains to defaulting to https. My plan is to start deployment tomorrow. If you notice anything odd please email me:

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Progress of graphics backend integration ( 2 ) [cocos2d-x] (28)

This thread will update the progress of graphics backend integration. If you don’t know graphics backend, you can refer to this thread for more detail information. Current status is that, can draw sprite with opengl/met…

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