Should I use any cache mode for Label if I use BITMAP font file?

Hi all, I am wondering to make better optimization for my game should I use any cache mode for Label what has BITAMP font file, or BITMAP font defaulted perfect for optimizations? Thanks.

What version of Creator are you using?

I can ask engineering to have a look.

Cocos v. 3.4.0

Cache mode default is none, you can select bitmap, this mode can be used for Label with infrequently updated text.

Hi, thanks for replay.
but, if I am using bitmap font directly, should I also use any cache mode?

Also, If it is label with numbers, what will be changed during the game, should I use Char mode for such labels?

And also should I use Char cache mode when I am using bitmap font directly? Thanks.

If you use BMFont , you should select none.BMFont does not require this optimization.

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