Metal support alpha0 version released ( 2 ) [cocos2d-x] (21)

After months’ hard work, we are excited to announce that, cocos2d-x metal-support alpha0 version is released. Because we don’t determine the version name, so i just call it metal-support. You can join the ticket to discu…

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Cocos Creator 1.10.3 Community Edition! (20190121) [Announcements] (2)

Cocos Creator 1.10.3 Community Edition! Please be sure to back up your own projects when using the community version! Please reply here for all community-related questions. Do not post separately. Do I need to change…

Is it ok to name v4 with metal-support? [cocos2d-x] (16)

Cocos2d-x is supporting metal. It will break some API after finished. We need to have a version name to distinguish it clearly, so i think 3.18 is not a suitable name. But i am not sure if v4 is suitable or not, because …

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