Where i can download Сocos studio?

I can’t find cocos studio :frowning:

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Cocos Studio has been EOL’d.

You can still download a complete package with all offerings:

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OMG! I am using 3.10 and need good game editor for developing my current first game project. and I guess many indie /company people are looking for c++ game editor for cocos2dx. Its time to bring a perfect game editor for c++ users. coding will done through VS but bring editor fast please. :wink:

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C++ is being added to Cocos Creator.

You should not remove CocosStudio download link before CocosCreator get C++ support.


We don’t support it and we don’t have the man power to answer inquiries about it any longer. If we keep it up for download then that opens up also having to support it.

Is there any information about the release date of support C++ in Cocos Creator?

I know that it is in the works. I am not current on the status and/or a release date. I’ll inquire with the engineering team.

@slackmoehrle But this is only for creating assets or it will also support C++ components ?

You will be able to use C++ rather than JavaScript as your language of choice.

Hi, please can you restore the windows version link or provide a new one?
I need to work with cocos studio (not creator, studio is mandatory) and the window link is down.


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it should work.

Ok now it works! thanks

I’m in the same boat, it looks like Dec 12th or so will have C++ support in their new editor.

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C++ is being added to Cocos Creator.

Any updates on progress with this ? :slight_smile: Sounds exciting. Is there a date I can expect to see it released and implemented?



Cocos Studio is no longer supported?

Correct, it was EOL’d a long while back.

I am having trouble with this version for windows. It seems to lack some dlls like modules.communal.multilanguage (, modules.communal.mutualeditor (, Mono.Addins(, MonoDevelop.Core(