C++ and Lua support for creator alpha1 released

Please refer to C++ and Lua support for creator alpha0 released for the usage of the plugin.

Compared to alpha0 version, alpha1 version fixed some bugs and add supports more features:

  • support Button Scale transition
  • support parsing scene files in subfolder of assets
  • fix error if Button doesn’t have normal sprite frame
  • fix crash if canvas node is missed
  • fix some animation bugs
  • make the plugin more stable

You are appreciated to test and give some feedback.

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@slackmoehrle do you know why it is unpinned automatically if i enter this ticket?

@slackmoehrle i knew the reason, it is a wrong setting of my personal setting.

Pinned posts have an expiration date in the settings for the pin on that post. Just set a longer date. It isn’t anything with personal settings.

My personal setting has “unpinned it when reach the end of ticket” or something like that. I unselected it, then it works.

That works for you. It is still unpinned for everyone else. Which is a global setting per topic. Just increase the date.

Thanks. But i the date is long enough.

@Darren_86 after some work, i succeed to parse your TestProject. As the project doesn’t have Canvas node to set design resolution information, so you should set the design information manually in c++ codes. And Widget component is not supported, so the effect may not the same. And currently, can not support these type of animations:

  • not linear animations
  • component animation

You can synchronize https://github.com/cocos2d/creator_to_cocos2dx to have a try.

@Darren_86 any feedback of the new version plugin?

Can you please elaborate how to support multi resolution without the widget support? I want to keep the child nodes relatively placed to parent node. The native built project from cocos creator shows UI exactly I want but the c++ converted files miss out on the widget information, causing the UI to not giving desired result.

@fazi1909 i am trying to add widget support, but it may take some time. I will update the progress here.

I will wait for that, thanks for a quick response. Furthermore can we set relative path for “setUp Target Project” ? currently ./ redirects to HDD instead of current project folder.

No, can not use relative path. You can use the button to select a path, it is convenient.

crash when scene has prefab in autosync mode:

Doesn’t support prefab, but i should not crash. I will take a look.

ProgressBar supporting is complete.

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Great work!
I want to learn how to add a callback function to a button in C++? I have to find this node by name in a scene graph and add a function to it?

Yep, you should find the node by name first, then you can do it as normal way.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
Do you plan to add layout and mask support ?

Yep, they will be considered after basic widgets are supported.