Where i can download Сocos studio?

I need more info about your setup, etc. Screenshots of errors would help to. OS, Cocos2d-x version, etc, etc

Thanks slackmoehrle. My setup is windows 7 64bit, cocos studio 3.10 from the link above, cocos2dx 3.10. I fixed the crash by temporarily installing cocos studio on my brother’s windows 7 32 bit machine and manually copied the files back to my machine. Cheers.

@slackmoehrle Is it possible to release Cocos Studio source code to github? I believe still have many developers are using it including me. After MacOS version update Cocos Studio become unstable and I am willing to fix it and contributed back to github.


At this time we have no plans to do this.

What if release an update version of Cocos Studio to make is usable in latest MacOS or windows 10?

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I’m sorry we are not doing this either.


Can I keep using my 32-bit apps?
Yes, you may continue to use 32-bit apps with your Mac today. Using 32-bit software has no adverse effects on your data or your computer.

just keep to use the Cocos Studio 2, it’s ok.

Just a reminder that with macOS Catalina will fully drop support for 32-bit apps and everyone still using Cocos Studio (like me, oh dear) should make preparations to run a High Sierra VM for the foreseeable future…


thanks for the reminder.
I would like to use it on windows if I need it.

This is sort of a sad day to realize that Studio will cease to exist on macOS now.

It sort of feels like when Apple dropped emulating PPC apps on Intel machines and some really good apps dies off at that time too.


Is there any option to explore some collaboration in order to bring an updated version of CocosStudio that could fix the stability issues + keep supporting new OSX versions?

Our company legacy code-base depends on it for all it’s UI and we could provide the needed human resources to make this mission.



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I apologize. We are not exploring partnerships to revives Cocos Studio at this time.

Today I have update macos catalina, I didn’t find what news on this update. And now i can not use cocos studio on macos, I see error on Console like that: Unsupported 32-bit executable: “/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/bin/mono”.

Can anyone found solution to fix this error? Thanks

Catalina doesn’t support 32-bit apps.

I have check cocos studio, macos allow cocos studio start normally, but it can not use mono framework. I don’t know which version of this mono framework, It seems that the Mono framework was built custom for cocos studio. May be if some one rebuild this mono framework support 64bit, cocos studio can run normally. Can it be?

Sadly, I’ve tried the simple trick of replacing the 3.10.0 version of the mono framework in system Frameworks (macos) with both latest (6.4.0) and oldest version that supported macos 64bit (5.2.0) but cocos studio appears to not be compatible crashing on launch and no useful errors are logged in console…

If anyone else has a better way to try and debug the incompatibility it’d be a life-saver but for now I’ve started running it in Parallels.