Cocos code IDE V2.0.0 beta : No javascript code completion?

Cocos code IDE V2.0.0 beta : No javascript code completion?


I moved to cocos code ide v2 and cocos2d-js v3.6.1, I can build and debug on windows and android and breakpoints works.

But, there is no Javascript code completion for cocos api.
Also there is no more live coding?

Is it due to the beta status?



I just tried out Cocos Code Ide 2.0 (Beta) and I love it. However, the intelligent code completion doesn’t work for me either. When I import my cocos project in WebStorm the code completion works great.

Any tipps on how to enable it in Cocos Code Ide. Or is it possible to use the Cocos Plugin with WebStorm?

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Same problem here, @SonarSystems can you help us?

As far as we are aware code completion has been removed from Cocos Code IDE v2 but I’ll contact Chukong to confirm incase you need to set it up some how.

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I’ve to use both Webstorm and Code IDE for coding and debugging :flushed:

Why do you have to use both? What does Code IDE lack that you need done with Webstorm?

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Really sad, because the new Ide base on INTELLIJ IDEA that not support javascript autocomplete, syntax highlight, auto suggestions api, etc… It just has only one great feature on debugging. But webstorm has all that features, except debugging on real devices. So, I’ve to use both, really confuse and waste time on coding and debugging. Can you help me @efares

I’m actually just starting out myself. I’m new to Cocos2d so I thought that I could just use Code IDE to develop a game and that’s what I was planning on doing. So I shouldn’t do that then? I knew about WebStorm and that it’s great for JavaScript development but I did’t know Code IDE was that far behind/bad?

Yes, actually you could use Code IDE v1 to develope, but v2 is not really easy

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I do have JavaScript code completion on my IntelliJ IDEA with Cocos plugin.

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I do too.

Why my Code IDE v2 is not?
And I know other people have this problem too

Can you share me a screenshot of your IDE?

Autocomplete using Code IDE.

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Nice, but this is not Code IDE v2.0,
Look like v1.1.0, by the way, it still good…

My mistake, you’re right. It is v1.1.0
But am I mistaken about the auto-complete? It’s doing it in my picture right? That’s the part you are having trouble with?

Yes, it is not available in V2.0.

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Recently, I found the way to solve all our problems.
Just go to Jetbrains and download IntelliJ IDEA “Ultimate” version. Then download Cocos Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and import it to Ultimate IDE. Everything should work perfect.

P/S: The ultimate version is not free, you can charge it or borrow key from someone. Other way is obtain for 30 trial days :smiley:

I also had some issues with 2.0.0, I’ll have to go back and see what exactly. Thank you for the solution Nhat!

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You’re welcome :smile: