Coco studio cancelled?

Hi Looking this Issue

One comment said that Studio project is cancelled. Thats mean that Creator will replace Studio?

@ricardoquesada Studio project is canceled, so export won’t need any more, I will rollback chipmunk to old version to solve this issue, I see Win10 & WindowsPhone version have been update after I commit export change to src lib, shall I rollback these 2 lib either?


Planned to use Cocos Studio + cocos2d-x + VS. Cocos Studio is very good for small scenes like login, splash, etc. and HUDs. Is there any way to use Cocos Creator + cocos2d-x + VS for the same purposes? If I’m correct, Creator differs from cocos2d-x. Will using cocos2d-x and VS w/o any scene editor be the only choice for cocos2d-x?

Great. Another partially-complete tool being thrown in the bin as the focus of the cocos project jumps onto the next ‘great new idea’ to get that up to half-working standard once again before dumping that too


Lol… let’s hope for good. :smile:

Chukong Technologies have a lot of money to spend.
if they could give 1% of that i would do the next better(native c++) unity + server (:

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Chukong did spend a lot developing Cocos Studio. They are spending a lot developing Creator as well. I really like Creator a lot. I had a hard time with Studio when I was using it.

Creator does differ from Studio. Right now it is JavaScript only. C++ is going to be added.


I like Creator too.
But is strange that we found the plans in a comment on GitHub and not in a blog.Something like "Creator will be the new tool , because … "

@slackmoehrle in your opinion do you think that is time to “migrate” to Creator?

Well, I’m not going to say that it was the right way to find out. It was not supposed to be this way. I will prepare a proper message to the community to post sometime next week.

Creator is going to be the new tool. It is already better, faster and more intuitive. C++ support is being added.


Will Cocos2d-x 3.11 support Cocos Studio .csb import?

“I had a hard time when I was using it” is an extremely poor justification.
Cancelling an unfinished tool to replace it with an even less mature tool because it was hard to use, instead of improving and building on it just shows how little maturity or stability the cocos2dx project has.

I’m really starting to regret choosing cocos2dx since it seems at any given point in time you face the risk of hitting a roadblock in terms of having to “upgrade” to a new version by means of manual migration or just have the carpet pulled out from under your feet through something losing support.

How long until C++ support is “hard to use” and is pulled from creator and cocos2dx…

What other options do you have today ? ( please don’t say unity or unreal …)
Cocos2d-x is the only mature c++ 2d engine.

It’s as you say, there aren’t any other options. The only close thing is unity or cross-compiled LibGDX(if you’re targeting just mobile)…
That doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to be unhappy though, “It’s free so deal with it” isn’t much of an argument.

I don’t think @slackmoehrle was suggesting that was justification - just expressing his experience - I’m fairly sure he’s not the person who makes the decisions for Chukong.

I disagree. Being brave enough to scrap an unsuccessful tool and write a replacement is far better in the long run for all concerned.

Of course, as I don’t use either tool it’s easy for me to say!

Well, you don’t have to upgrade - there are many people developing on old releases of cocos2d-x. If it suited your purpose when starting out, just stick with it.

You are being unreasonable here. I get what you are saying though.

Indeed. I don’t have any such power. I was stating that for me, I found it hard to use. I even did demos and taught fellow employees how they might make a game with Studio and never touch code.

I like cocos studio, because it’s very good to content handling, and scene building. For these 2 jobs cocos studio is ideal.

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I’m surely agree with @slackmoehrle

I like studio too, especially if will be fixed the problem with comma in number input field


I don’t care about that. I write point, and that’s all.

I tried point, but they don’t work too