(Updated: v3.13.1 update released) Cocos2d-x v3.13 released!

(Updated: v3.13.1 update released) Cocos2d-x v3.13 released!
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Compare to V3.11, The font color in 3.13 is changed which created by cocos studio. It looks ugly.
It seems that 3.13 is lost supporting cocos studio.


Where are you looking for these docs?


This has been fixed and a v3.13.1 will be released.


i have a problem to compile this version on a linux 32bit version… it said that sqlite3 and chipmunk are missing… i add it my self but i got a lot of errors with the chipmunk lib… i notice that there is no precompiled lib for the 32bit chipmunk in the external folder of the engine… is this an error?


I have only really tested on 64-bit Ubuntu. IIRC I was seeing 32-bit errors, but I don’t recall what they were off hand.


What is the most stable verson of Cocos2dx that starts with version 3?


Use v3.13. If you go back to previous versions those will have less functionality and who knows what nuances. This is software, every version needs improvement.


hii ,
can someone explain about “$(call import-module, android/cpufeatures/prebuilt-mk)” line in prebuilt-mk/Android.mk , my cocos compile returned error 2 , but after i remove that line the compilation run perfect , FYI i use gen-libs -p android


Thanks. I tried the latest v3 branch but noticed it wasn’t fixed yet in that one. So I should probably get the v3.13.1 branch?


Can’t use sdkbox with ver 3.13!


yup. v3 gets branches merged into it after release.


care to elaborate?


I tried to upgrade my project from 3.4 to 3.13 currently, at 3.4 I can build both c++ and java with “build” button in eclipse, but in 3.13 it lacks the script for eclipse to build c++ side. can I just run “coco compile” to build c++ file first and then use eclipse “build” button to modify and test my java code? and can I still use eclipse to export signed apk once I already run “cocos compile”?


Windows-7, C++, migrate from 3.10; compile for Win32, Android; running on Win-7 and Android 4.4.2 device; steps:

  1. Python update: passed, no restart.

  2. Cocos check: “>cocos -v” gives:
    Cocos Console 2.1” - seems passed.

  3. New project creation: passed, but seems there is no binary template :frowning: -> too heavy project, too long (first?) build.

  4. Console build have created “unique.apk” file, I copy it manually to my device, click to install - passed, then click “Run” - device says something like “seems there is a conflict with this app previous version” - impossible - it was very new.

  5. Console run - passed, after that I compare both apk - no difference; uninstall app, install old-bad “unique.apk” (it was still on device) - installed and runned manually ok.

  6. Applying “proj.visualstudio”, then opening properly both “proj.win32.sln” and “proj.visualstudio\Cocos2d.sln” - passed.

  7. Editing cpp file (unicode text) in VS-2015, then compiling/running it via command prompt on device - passed, createWithTTF(“1 qwe йцу ąčę”) shows English text and boxes for other encoding characters (йцу ąčę).

  8. Compiling/running “proj.win32.sln” for Windows-7 - passed, but unicode text displayed wrong:
    createWithTTF(“1 qwe йцу ąčę”) are not displayed at all;
    createWithTTF(“1 qwe”) - shows ok;
    createWithSystemFont(“2 qwe йцу ąčę”, “Arial”, …) - shows “2 qwe ??? ???”. cocos-v.-3.10 displayed it properly on Windows-7.

  9. Compiling/running “proj.visualstudio\Cocos2d.sln” for Android - failed - setting not set properly by me.

Migration reasons:

  1. I wanted full-screen app on android device - I have it, but navigation bar appears and does not disappear after I push physical “volume up/down” buttons on my devise. BTW navigation bar hides cocos app “exit” button.
    @Override public void onWindowFocusChanged( ... glSurfaceView.setSystemUiVisibility( ... Cocos2dxGLSurfaceView.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION ...
    into “AppActivity.java” haven’t helped, but has freezed the device once (not reproduced).
    App was re-started many times successfully - it was crashing after the same actions, whrn built with cocos-v.-3.10.

  2. Going to check how it works with turn-based-multiplayer via Google-Play-Services - on 2014 “Wagon War” … soon.


Dear all,

Firstable, thanks for this new version !

But I have a problem when I tried to create the visual studio Android projects (described here : https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2016/07/12/cocos2d-x-visual-studio-android-project/#comment-166585)

  1. When I try to create it with android api 19 (KitKat 4.4), I have these errors on the cpp project :
    libcurl.a(libcurl_la-netrc.o): In function `Curl_parsenetrc’:

netrc.c:(.text+0x246): undefined reference to `getpwuid_r’
=> It seems that the new CURL library uses this getpwuid_r function, which is not available in API 19… That’s the problem ?

  1. Since I saw this function is available from android API 21 (Lolipop 5.0), I tried to create the projects with this API version… But in API 21, there is a problem on the APK generation project when compiling Cocos2dxDownloader.java :
    Cocos2dxDownloader.java:15: error: DataTaskHandler is not abstract and does not override abstract method onFailure(int,Header[],byte[],Throwable) in BinaryHttpResponseHandler
    11> [javac] class DataTaskHandler extends BinaryHttpResponseHandler {
    => It seems that BinaryHttpResponseHandler has not the same interface in API 21 ? (I’m not a java specialist, sorry if I made a mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Can somebody help me to solve this problem ? (note that I’d prefer to use the API-19…)

Thanks :sunglasses:


can you ensure you are using v3.13.1 and not just v3.13?


Thanks a lot ! I did not see this 3.13.1 release (since when was it on http://www.cocos2d-x.org ?)

I will do a new try with this version and I will tell you !

(note that since this morning I did a last try with android api 23… And it worked (with cocos2d-x 3.13) !)


It was released within the last few hours.


I just retried with v3.13.1 and it is the same problem with API 19 :sob:

But OK, I made this try with VS 2015, but when a project is compiled with android studio, how can it work with API-19 since one of the functions which is not found (getpwuid_r, because there are 2 or 3 other functions which are not found) is called by libcurl and does not exists too !

Can somebody help me ?

I will try to find by myself in parallel… :disappointed_relieved:


Just FYI, v3.13.1 has now been released. Fixes bugs in Label, Android API, Audio, etc.