(Updated: v3.13.1 update released) Cocos2d-x v3.13 released!

We are happy to announce the release of Cocos2d-x v3.13!

This release brings bug fixes and API maintenance, as well as these highlights:

  • added VR plugins for Gear, Deepoon, Google Cardboard and Oculus.
  • support ETC1 alpha channel
  • fix AudioEngine performance for Android 4.2+
  • improve canvas renderer performance with dirty region
  • add Android arm-64 support switch to use gcc 4.9
  • upgrade CURL to 7.50.0
  • upgrade Spine to 3.4
  • upgrade GLFW to 3.2

Read the full release notes.
Download it today!


Can’t wait:D to test it and find some bugs :D:D:D


Do you know if I can compile 3.11.1 with 3.13 configured on MAC or it will have same behaviour as 3.12 when apps with earlier cocos crashed due this?

I am not aware of any issues with doing this. Please let me know if you see something and I will get it over to the engineering team.


yes there is issue when you have configured on MAC 3.12 cocos2d-x and you trying to compile for Android older project made before like 3.11.1 - application starting randomly crashing on Android 5.x devices and probably some others also. I think @nite confirmed that due changes in cocos 3.12 console scripts which seems have different behaviour with NDK compile. I’m assuming 3.13 will have same issue - just now questions is 3.12 and 3.13 fully compatible in this case?

What is the road map related to 3d ?

Link to release notes are broken.

This is the link.

The crashes with 3.12 were because of moving to clang ndk toolchain. 3.13 again uses gcc toolchain like 3.11. So using 3.13 scripts with 3.11 apps should not cause any issues (but you must test to make sure).

Google has deprecated gcc toolchain but they have many issues with clang toolchain due to which cocos team decided to keep using gcc for now and to switch to clang after next ndk version release.

ok, thanks for making it clear. Do you know which NDK version best would work with 3.11.1 and 3.13? We now using 10e with 3.11.1 and not sure if should update to some other NDk if new project will be made with 3.13. Also is it worth to move on crystax ndk?


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What the recommended NDK version?


Release Notes link is now fixed.

Congrats Y’all! Very excited to see GLFW upgraded in this release. Oculus support is also intriguing.

We know. This thread is about Cocos2d-x, however, not Creator.

Any idea when html5 lite version will be updated? Thanks.

@slackmoehrle Possible bug: in 3.13, it seems that text color of a Label inside a CSB file (Cocos Studio scene) is ignored. The label is shown with white text when running the project.

We are aware. It has been fixed in GitHub.

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Great release thanks!

i downloaded this engine v3.13 but i can’t install it cause to out of date wiki guide(Win32 Installation and Setup). i can’t find ““cocos2d-win32.vc2012.sln”” file in build folder. it seems this installation guide is for 2 years ago. and now i can’t use it.

i downloaded cocos creator before. but when i’ve got it not supporting C++ & i disappointed.1