Stable UI Editor for Cocos2dx v3.17+ or v4.0?

Hi all,

as I know the cocos studio or creator_to_cocos2dx has been EOL’d. My old projects have used the cocos studio tool. But now, on the new Projects, I want to use a new stable UI Editor tool like Cocos Creator (creator_to_cocos2dx), but after created the sample with cocos2dx 3.17+, the screen displayed black. I think the creator_to_cocos2dx did not support the new versions of cocos2dx.

creator::CreatorReader* reader = creator::CreatorReader::createWithFilename(“creator/HelloWord.ccreator”);
// will create the needed spritesheets + design resolution
// get the scene graph
Scene* scene = reader->getSceneGraph();

After researched some tools, I found some engine as below :

Are these tools stable? Has anyone ever used them?

Could someone help me share the stable UI Editor that you are using?

Thank you very much

cocos studio or fgui is good enough.

+1 for FairyGUI

The x-studio is continuous maintained, but it’s goals are code/text editing, csd recovey; certainly, it’s ui editor is enough if you don’t need timeline animation . Some of design ui editor of x-studio is easy for our, it’s design mind more from vs winform/wpf editor, so in the future, we may create a small game project with cocos2d-x v4 & x-studio.

Currently, the ui editing of x-studio at least have 3 lacks from early design:

  • Flat scense list manager
  • Does not support nesting
  • No asset search and image preview in project explorer.

The above lacks also todo list of x-studio, even it’s have much faulty on ui editing, but my dream still is to make it zero-leaning on ui editing.

By the way, fgui is more professonal on multi game engines support.


I have expired the trial with your tool, but I haven’t tested its features yet :smile: so I don’t know if it’s stable or not. :worried:

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hi @halx99 , Could you public the price of package of your tool with USD ? Because I’m not in Chinese , so I don’t understand what you write on your website :

Got it, I will hard work for that to make it avaiable as soon as possiable.