The free Community Editon of x-studio is published!

The free Community Editon of x-studio is published!

The x-studio is maintained more than 5 years, now it’s becoming a general purpose text/code editor, Lua debugger,
2019.11.17 ,I published the free Community Edition, more detail of x-studio, please see:

please download windows installer at

New official websetes:


10.0.5900.299 (2019.11.18 Update)

1.【Coding】Fix incorrect regex for Lua function search.
2.【Coding】Improve Ctrl+R quick search results filter
3.【Coding】Upgrade boost.regex to v1.71.0
4.【Coding】Fix can’t edit conf by WampServer
5.【EncryptSystem】Fix can’t decrypt problem
6.【EncryptSystem】Improve,add -eflags,-dda,-plugin to specify file flat, file content digest, for detail:
you can use "%XS_INSTDIR%\x-studio.exe" -c --help to lean usage.
7.【Coding】Improve utf-16/32 with BOM encoding support.
8.【Coding】Optimize brace fill experience.
9.【Coding】】Improve experience of changed by external editor,just like Visual Studio.
10.【Coding】Add CodeSnippet support(Pro edition)
11.【InstallSystem】Avoid Sends WM_CLOSE to all windows of x-studio process instances.
12.【Coding】Optimize indent of cpp/php
13.【Coding】Optimize feature Replace all in files, perform replace operation on opened document
14.【Coding】Fix random crash issue when close document
15.【Coding】Ignore indent when input ’ or ‘\t’
16.【Lua Debugging】Bring break all feature.
17.【Coding】Add command line option -ln=326 open a file and locate to specified line
18.【Lua Debugging】Add debug application conatins LUA VM which compiled as C++ code
19.【Coding】Add highlight for .conf files
20.【Lua Debugging】Fix can’t display array when watch value as hex/binary
21.【Software Upgrade】Add UDP+FTP LAN upgrade support.

Encrypt System screenshot:

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Awesome! I know I shouldn’t be complaining about free stuff, but… Mac version? I don’t even have Windows to test this tool :frowning:

Just a small addition: Buy button on the webpage doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing just happens. What’s the different about free and paid version?

The diff is here:
And the english website is building, later I will make it works.

Thanks, but you didn’t answer most important question: will mac version be available?

Sorry, currently, no mac version

What about c++ support?

What do you means, how support?

  1. publish UI design file to .csb, then load with CSLoader (supported)
  2. Comipling & debug c++ programs (not supported, maybe future)

What about plist support?
Cannot find such functionality.

just add exist at project explorer