The free Community Editon of x-studio is published!

The free Community Editon of x-studio is published!

The x-studio is maintained more than 5 years, now it’s becoming a general purpose text/code editor, Lua debugger,
2019.11.17 ,I published the free Community Edition, more detail of x-studio, please see:

please download windows installer at

New official websetes:


10.0.5900.299 (2019.11.18 Update)

1.【Coding】Fix incorrect regex for Lua function search.
2.【Coding】Improve Ctrl+R quick search results filter
3.【Coding】Upgrade boost.regex to v1.71.0
4.【Coding】Fix can’t edit conf by WampServer
5.【EncryptSystem】Fix can’t decrypt problem
6.【EncryptSystem】Improve,add -eflags,-dda,-plugin to specify file flat, file content digest, for detail:
you can use "%XS_INSTDIR%\x-studio.exe" -c --help to lean usage.
7.【Coding】Improve utf-16/32 with BOM encoding support.
8.【Coding】Optimize brace fill experience.
9.【Coding】】Improve experience of changed by external editor,just like Visual Studio.
10.【Coding】Add CodeSnippet support(Pro edition)
11.【InstallSystem】Avoid Sends WM_CLOSE to all windows of x-studio process instances.
12.【Coding】Optimize indent of cpp/php
13.【Coding】Optimize feature Replace all in files, perform replace operation on opened document
14.【Coding】Fix random crash issue when close document
15.【Coding】Ignore indent when input ’ or ‘\t’
16.【Lua Debugging】Bring break all feature.
17.【Coding】Add command line option -ln=326 open a file and locate to specified line
18.【Lua Debugging】Add debug application conatins LUA VM which compiled as C++ code
19.【Coding】Add highlight for .conf files
20.【Lua Debugging】Fix can’t display array when watch value as hex/binary
21.【Software Upgrade】Add UDP+FTP LAN upgrade support.

Encrypt System screenshot:

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Awesome! I know I shouldn’t be complaining about free stuff, but… Mac version? I don’t even have Windows to test this tool :frowning:

Just a small addition: Buy button on the webpage doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing just happens. What’s the different about free and paid version?

The diff is here:
And the english website is building, later I will make it works.

Thanks, but you didn’t answer most important question: will mac version be available?

Sorry, currently, no mac version

What about c++ support?

What do you means, how support?

  1. publish UI design file to .csb, then load with CSLoader (supported)
  2. Comipling & debug c++ programs (not supported, maybe future)

What about plist support?
Cannot find such functionality.

just add exist at project explorer

The x-studio Community 10.0.5900.509 is published at 2020.1.8, click follow button to download:
Github stats
SIZE: 16507085
MD5: 27f1fe511aeae5a0222ea973cd5f1619
SHA1: 593cb8152b2991c69d844d9b5b09def35dfa12d7

This release contains Bug fixes & Feature improvements

  1. Fix “OpenLastDocuments” doesn’t load active document content at sometimes.
  2. Software upgrade chechsum, now md5 is Case Insensitive.
  3. Upgrade ‘Scintilla’ component to v4.2.3.
  4. Fix powershell highlight.
  5. Fix font size was fixed set to 12 when import .csb
  6. Refresh asset path immediately when drag a file from disk to properties of UI Node.
  7. Fix 'Replace In Files" can’t replace of opened documents when it’s content is pending to load.
  8. Fix ‘Replace In Files’ modification indicator doesn’t refresh when replace a opened document.
  9. Improve CodeSnippet[Pro Edition Only], auto select placeholder word, such as easy to modify function name.
  10. Add -digest=xxx, support calculate md5,sha1,sha256,sha512… of file large than 4GB, and integrate to explorer shell menu ‘Hash with x-studio’, shell integrate only for [Pro Edition]
  11. Simply theme manangment, remove ‘Application Look’
  12. Auto detect d3dcompiler_47.dll, auto fix it when your computer missing it.


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Hi !

Could you help me add “Custom Size” feature to “Design Size” like Cocos Studo ?


thanks for your feedback, I will add it in the future.
Currently, you can edit software setting file through [File][Open][Open Software Settings], after edit & save, please restart software to apply custom design size to take effect.

Hi ! Thanks for you help !

I think It’s the best ui tool at the moment for c++ ui editting !

But Could you help us merge to cocos2dx lib ?

Because we need an official library that has the least bugs possible !

Ex : cocos2dx3.17.2 -> cocos2dx3.17.2(merged with x-studio)

Thanks !

ok, I will do later when I have time, please watch

Or you can publish with CSLoader, it’s compatible with official ui loader, but the control in toolbox which mark as ‘New’ can’t be publish.