SDKBox Shutdown Announcement

Dear SDKBox users:

Many thanks to all our users around the world. Thank you for joining us in a long and wonderful journey.

Since incubation, SDKBox has been dedicated to providing agile and powerful solutions to our customers on top of striving to offer our services completely free of charge. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this is no longer aligned to our current realities and goals.

To our customers already integrated our services to existing project, please kindly take note that:
    * SDKBox is a plugin designed to better integrate third-party SDKs to your projects and does not alter the operations of said SDKs in any manner.
    * Removing SDKBox will not negatively affect any of the third-party SDKs in any fashion.
    * We recommend uninstalling SDKBox from your project at your convenience.

Thank you again for choosing SDKBox and we wish to see you again soon in the future.

November 2021

Announcement is made only after shutting down?

Sudden shutdown without notice was so unprofessional. You should give us some times to migrate. Or provide solutions for replacement.

In fact, sdkbox command line is still available. This is also for the period of transition.