[URGENT] SDKBox Shutdown Breaks Project Build

Hi Cocos Team

Due to sudden shutdown, we are in trouble now.
Since our production app is using SDKBox, now we can’t build our project (SDKBox GUI is showing a blank page now).

After each build, we need to re-import SDKBox Plugins so that the files overwritten by Build Process are restored by SDKBox re-import process. Now, we can no longer do that (due to blank page) and both Facebook Login and IAP stopped working.

Can you at least give us a head start before shutting down such a critical service in the future?
For now, can you please restore the service for a few weeks so that we can do proper migration.


Update 1: I just checked the SDKBox code and found that it’s checking some files from sdkbox.com domain. Since those files were gone, the GUI keeps showing blank page. So, can you request them to restore those files for time-being?

@slackmoehrle sorry to bother you again. we need an urgent attention to this matter.

Sure. I’ll drop this to TS.

FYI, I am asking the team for reasoning and possible solutions. I will reply once I have something for you.

  • creator provide a way to call oc/java from js.


  • your project is ready to release. have no time to change.

use sdkbox command line for temporarily

For Creator2

sdkbox import iap -p path/to/creator2_project/build/jsb-link

For Creator3

sdkbox import iap -p path/to/creator3_proejct

Hello, I’m sorry to bother you, I will get you an available solution.

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We were using GUI and game was already launched and in production.

How do we setup command line? Need installer?
Since it has already shutdown, are we sure it’s still working?

We knew how to call native codes to/from JS. But, SDKBox was a huge time saver and supports cross platform (I think that was the intention of SDKBox).

Right now, our game update release has been delayed and my team is already working on native code integration which will take them a week or two.

So, if you have a quick solution, we will try it out.

Thanks :blush:

We are waiting for your good news

Hi, I imported 2 days ago the plugins via command line and still working. I installed sdkbox to use with command line years ago to try it, but never used until 2 days ago. I think I did it like here: [GUIDE] How to install sdkbox installer to work

@slackmoehrle sorry bothering you, but our team need to decide to continue or not using Cocos Creator for our game. Our game should have In-App Purchase feature, but currently, as I understand, Cocos Creator isn’t providing this feature? Thanks.

Engineering is working on answers to various questions

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Hello, because sdkbox has stopped maintenance work, it is not part of the cocos engine product, so we can not help you solve this problem. As sdkbox’s announcement says, you can no longer use sdkbox. In addition, cocos will also complete a product similar to sdkbox in the future, but the function is not perfect at present.

Currently, sdkhub only supports android.


@StudioAMK @Horchynskyi @panor

I will remove sdkbox service in SDKBox GUI For Creator. and then release a new version ASAP.

SDKBox GUI For Creator 1.6.0 released

Thank you very much for your update.
How long will it support?
Just for temporary during we are coding native?