sdkbox.PluginAdMob.init() crashing in Android

I am just trying to run the example on this page. I used the ad-id provided by default rather than my own id as I am just running an example to test.

I noticed someone had the same issue in the past but appears to have miraculously resolved itself.

However, for me the problem remains.

Based on that thread, I followed:

  1. adb logcat > crash.txt
  2. click app on device
  3. command + c abort adb logcat command after app crash, then attach the crash.txt file in the forum.

I couldn’t attach with a .txt extension, so I have changed the extensioncrash.pdf (1.1 MB) to .pdf.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

is your AppActivity extends com.sdkbox.plugin.SDKBoxActivity?

Thank you! That fixed the crash. I didn’t see that in the guide here.

However, I am still having some problems. I have my admob.ts in the attached zip (111.4 KB) .

When I start the app, after several seconds, I see image1 from the attached zip. If I press the “Cache Interstitial” button I see image2. If I press the “Show Interstitial” button, nothing happens.

Do I need to get a proper ad-id for this to work?

Admob has no advertisement to return to you.

use test mode or admob test ad id,

Thanks again!

It’s working!

Perhaps these additional steps should be included in the guide I referred to above? The guide does mention configuring with your ad id, but does not give guidance about a test id if you don’t have your own ad id.

yes, we wil give a guidance, thanks.