SDKBOX 2.3.12 Release Admob Reward video

SDKBOX 2.3.12 Release Admob Reward video
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2.3.12 Release Notes


  • Admob reward video support
  • Upgrade Appodeal SDK
  • Upgrade AdColony SDK
  • Upgrade InMobi SDK
  • Upgrade Phunware SDK
  • Upgrade Chartboost SDK
  • SDKBOX Play supports long and float point score


  • Fix build issue for Tune SDK
  • Fix SDKBOX Play unlocking achievement callback been called twice issue
  • Fix Appodeal can’t play skippable videos issue
  • Fix AcColony setCustomID issue
  • Fix facebook plugin have different text for iOS and Android issue
  • Facebook will no longer logout when the app is offline issue

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Glad admob reward video has been added. Is there any docs on usage?


Great News.

Does admob rewarded video support mediation and get videos from other ad networks to increase fill rate?

Or should i go with fyber?

Which network gives greater fill rate and cpm?


OK. got reward videos working however the callback isnt working.

Looking in the adMob example I see the callback is

        reward: function(name, currency, amount) {

However this never gets called


Reward videos work ok on iOS but do not seem to respond on Android


Thought I had fixed it but havent.

After looking at the example adMob project I noticed there is functionality missing from my projects classes.

PluginAdMobJSHelper.cpp is missing the reward function for the callback etc.


We update the sample for Admob rewarded ads

There is a bug in current js binding class, you want to replace your’s with following one, and we’ll release an fixed version soon.


As I am using Creator and command line sdkbox import I dont see the reward function in the JS bindings. I have copied the code and the libs over from example to my project for iOS and I have rewards & callbacks working. However I am getting nothing on Android. What do I need to copy from example into my creator project for Android?


The code from the sample should be enough, do you see any error logs from android? for example “failed to load reward video”


No it does nothing. iOS is fine but android when I call out I get no log or anything


My app can’t load rewarded video.
Language: C++
Platform: Android
Even when I use sample I get this:
“ReceiveAdWithError name=rewarded”


Try to add some mediation, such as adcolony and chartboost.


Can you also double check if you turn on test ads?


Tested it with both, but still not works.


you can test with our admob sample


I have some question buildToolsVersion on Android studio.
I use android studio 2.3.1, buildToolsVersion ‘25.0.2’ and use SDKBOX admob plugin.
When i implement showing rewarded video ads, not working.
Just return isAvailable(“rewarded”) false.
Any problem on android studio 2.3.1, buildToolsVersion 25.0.2?


I know why not show ads.
I have to add third party mediations…


I use Win-7, building on it C++ Cocos projects for Android.
Thanks for the rewarded video support start, but…

Update-2: succeed! :slight_smile:

I’ve created new empty project with my current Cocos 3.14.1; so I’ve get full-screen (and portrait; and app doesn’t crashes after playing several landscape videos).

One my problem - my sintax error in Resources\sdkbox_config.json (missed or extra comma).

Another Resources\sdkbox_config.json problem - seems it’s not working without describing all 3 types of advertising (banner, interstitial and rewarded video) - may be because admob::init() automatically tries to load all 3 types of Ad one by another, so i had to use fake interstitial.

Looks like even reward() of the rewarded video works ok.

Thanks for your job, developers of the Cocos! :wink:


Can you please upload your project on github or something? I can not make rewarded videos work even on sample project… :disappointed_relieved:



I see that you’ve updated SDKBOX to version and added the Facebook functionality for sending gifts, but the functions for requesting and sending differ in parameters:

         * Ask friends for a gift
        static void requestGift(const std::vector<std::string>& invite_ids, const std::string& object_id, const std::string& message);

         * Send friend a gift
        static void sendGift(const std::vector<std::string>& friend_ids, const std::string& object_id, const std::string& title, const std::string& message, const std::string& additional_data = "");

Could you add the title and additional_data parameters from the sendGift function to the requestGift function in the next patch for version 2.3.13 ?

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