Intermittent Label Crash On Startup Cocos 3.16

Intermittent Label Crash On Startup Cocos 3.16
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I’m doing some quick prototyping using cocos 3.16, my scene is basically just bunch of text, sprites, and buttons. I’m building a mac desktop app for prototyping

On launch, I get a crash on CCRenderer::drawBatchedTriangles()

glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, (GLsizei) _triBatchesToDraw[i].indicesToDraw, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, (GLvoid*) (_triBatchesToDraw[i].offset*sizeof(_indices[0])) );

from quick inspections I see that _indices[0] are null.

Unfortunately, this crash happens infrequently, and I don’t have any idea on why it could be happening.
It’s like 1 out of 10 launch that it would crash, and when it is, it always happen on that line.

Any idea on how this is happening? maybe I’m doing some label creation that is wrong?

Label* createLabel(Node* parent, char* title, Vec2 normalizedPos, float fontSize)
    Label* result = Label::createWithTTF(title, fontName, fontSize);

    return result;

Help would be really appreciated, this could be a showstopper of us using cocos again since I could not see what went wrong with it, and I do love using cocos for it’s quick to use and it’s lightweight nature, rather than using other engines that gives a really heavyweight solution that slows iteration.

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