Interest in a live stream?

Interest in a live stream?
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Our colleagues in China put on a weekly live stream where the engine developers answer questions, talk about specific topics, etc. Is there an interest in a live stream from our community here? Should it just be Q&A. Should it cover a pre-set topic?

Maybe weekly is to often, every two weeks perhaps?

Poll: Live stream style

Hey @slackmoehrle
Very much interested, it would be better if engine developers or community votes for selected topic for that week from a pool of topics, Any one can contribute to that pool of topics (approved by coordinator/you/admin). Once that topic gets its attention then a simple post covering that topic would be enough to discuss it in brief for new developers for future (if required then sub topics can also be generated out of it). It would be great if we have a pool of videos apart from @SonarSystems as in very short span of time a lot has changed from engine perspective.

Ajay Chauhan


Very much interested if it is in english.



I would appreciate this as well.



It’s a great Idea, as long as it’s in english or the subs, i think the community will glad to heard it. two weeks is good.


It will be in English.


We would love to be on this awesome live stream.


Sure. Let’s talk about how we can do this, technically. I was thinking of Twitch, but not sure how we both get on screen.


Google hangouts is a cheap easy way for multi-party live stream. Maybe the new Youtube live does this now?


Is it possible to have English subtitles?


it is in english


Yes I know.
But English is not my native language, so currently I need subtitles to understand.


Google Hangouts like @stevetranby said seems like the best way.


If we can get enough live viewers then Q/A will be best.


Love the idea.!! +1


How about we do this on a Friday night or Saturday night? I am in Eastern Standard Time.


What happened with this?
+1 on live stream, please!!


I have some ideas. I was thinking of doing the first one over our Thanksgiving break since I am off work and would be able to work out any kinks, etc. I’ll create a poll about this and folks can vote.


Talking about specific topics: it would be great to do it about Cocos Creator. Its the newest tool and I would love to know more about how to do specific things (like loading external libraries) or best practices: when is best to work with prefabs? Should I try to work with small scenes or one big scene whenever I can? when and how is best to load/preload audio files? (better made them as components or just load/play when needed). Best practices to improve performance (web, and ios/android builds)…That kind of stuff.