Explottens - [Steam]

Explottens - [Steam]


The game me and my friend have been working on for the past 2 years. Check it out on steam greenlight and vote :smiley:

Made with: Cocos2d-x v3.14


You have a great spot in our GDC video.


Beautiful game, I want to play it now ! :smiley:


@slackmoehrle thanks :smiley:

@energyy thanks, sign up for the beta at www.explottens.com


Looks great. I love the art. What did 3rd party libraries / additional frameworks you use?


@piotrros thanks, I didn’t use any 3rd party libraries or additional frameworks… cocos2d-x had everything :smiley:


I see. But what about animations? Did you use cocos studio, cocos creator, spine, some different software or everything in written in code?


we used spine and texture packer… thats about it.


I’m not a big fan of cocos studio or creator, infact I’ve never used a UI editor. Maybe sometime in the future.


For a game that you’ve created it’s fine to not use UI editor. Cheers.


@b12345 Can I get a TestFlight invitation to play iOS builds?


I can send you a mac build. is that okay?


Sure! PM me.


Explottens has been greenlit. Thank you everyone for your support! :smile:


Explottens is on steam early access!! Get it now while its on discount :smiley:

I hope you decide to join the Explottens Early Access. You get access to new features as they are implemented, and you also get to be heavily involved in the process of finding and ironing out bugs. Finally, when all that is over, you’ll get your copy of the completed product, for no additional charge.


One of the Boss Fights!


purchased :slight_smile:

xmm if feels like mobile game not PC, why not mouse controls but buttons?) for PC it would be more fun


:smiley: Yes we had some bad feedback on the controls… I am making big changes to controls, and even removing auto shoot, and adding a button(X) to shoot and adding special abilities on each rear gun (Z)… btw its much better with a gamepad.


This is why we chose early access to get good feedback :smiley:

Thanks for your support @energyy


@energyy actually this is my first PC game… Can you please tell me why it felt like a mobile game?