Explottens - [Steam]

Explottens - [Steam]


If I imagine this game on mobile:) it seems nothing to change in design/menus position. Like all menus composition is made as in very good mobile game - also chosen controls seems are wrong for PC.


@energyy hey its been a while… after lots of feedback and reiterating the game many many times. I’ve released a new update with mouse controls, new mission system , bosses , revamp the shop and sidekick menus and big map to show mission progress. If you get time try it out. Thanks.



People weren’t using the dash mechanic (right click) because nobody really reads the instructions. So I added a little in-game tutorial. Does this look okay or should I try something else.

edit: Sorry about the broken link.


Anyone else going to indie prize China?


Send me some pictures?


@slackmoehrle I can’t go, visa issues :frowning:


Darn, that would have been fun for you!


I redid the menus for my game. I wanted to try something new with spine. Usually I code up everything.

Below is achieved by binding all images to a single bone. At code end there is only a couple of line of codes (which is setting the bone position to mouse position). Rest of it works on its own.



very smooth - I like it


This game continues to amaze me. Excellent work. Super creative. Can you make a living off this game?


It still in early access. I really hope it does well on release.


It’s broadcase animation quality, looks really fluid and good!