Cocos Studio keeps freezing on OSX

Uff good I didn’t installed El Capitan yet. Everything good on Yosemite (but studio can be slow sometimes).

We have fixed this bug, please try 3.10 version.

I’m running El Captian will updating to OS Sierra help this freezing issue?

Cocos Studio has been cancelled and is replaced with Cocos Creator. If you have to work with Cocos Studio and you still have that freezing problem, just wait for a while, it might take 20 min.

Good luck…

can I use cocos creator in conjuction with cocos2d-x c++.

c++ is not supported right now, but will be supported in the near future.

Keeps freezing randomly in Sierra 10.12.1, need some help/update!!

Me too… so sad!!

Hi! I found that if you disconnect internet works perfectly!! I’m working with Little Snitch (mac) to block internet connection for cocostudio


Nice find. I apologize, Cocos Studio has been EOL’d for some time now. We don’t test it with anything anymore. The last official release was v3.10.


# coco studio

to your `/etc/hosts` is a greet tool.

But still lots of developer are using Cocos2d-x and Cocos Studio

Could CocosStudio open source??

You’re a life savior! I didn’t have this freezes before, just recent days. There were super annoying - each 5 mins app frozen for 2mins… Your fix did the job, after restarting cocos studio it no longer (so far) freezes!

Indeed, it would be great if Cocos Studio could become open source.

Yeah… why not open source it when it’s no longer maintained? People can fix bugs by themselves.

Why Cocos Studio is not open-source has been covered in depth.

Cocos Studio will not be open-source.

Holy cow you are a life-saver. This started happening to me this week and I was scared this was going to be the rest of my life using Cocos Studio on Sierra.

(Some of us don’t have the option to throw away our Studio projects and starting again with Creator mid-development cycle…)

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What is the full path to this?


sudo echo "
# coco studio" >> /etc/hosts