Cocos Creator v1.3.3 released!

Cocos Creator v1.3.3 released!
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@slackmoehrle Thanks for awesome works.
I just tested using the example project and I couldn’t compile for android.

Compiling js files to bytecode. 
Compiling js (C:\CocosProjects\Test\build\jsb-default\frameworks\runtime-src\\assets\main.js) to bytecode... 
The input line is too long. 
Error running command, return code: 1.
Check the log file at C:\Users\ZeroHackeR/.cocos\cocos.log 
Error running command, return code: 14.


Any document,any tutorial, from where i can start?


we don’t have docs for this yet and I am not sure when we will. I’ll post a link to how I tested, let me confirm with @ricardo the correct location.


Ok play along with this repo for instructions. I tested this so I can probably answer specific questions if you have any:


I have this problem on my mac
"CocosCreator” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.


Change your settings in System Preferences --> Security and Privacy