Couldn't Compile Example Project

Couldn't Compile Example Project
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Using Windows 10 with the latest Cocos Creator.
I could run it on browser.

But, android built was ok… and compile kept failing.

Error log saying:

Compiling js files to bytecode.
Compiling js (C:\CocosProjects\Test\build\jsb-default\frameworks\runtime-src\\assets\main.js) to bytecode...
The input line is too long.
Error running command, return code: 1.Check the log file at C:\Users\ZeroHackeR/.cocos\cocos.log
Error running command, return code: 14.

Update: When I ticked “Debug” checkbox on, I could compile. What did I miss?

Cocos Creator v1.3.3 released!

Your path is to long?


Not really.

When I ticked “Debug” checkbox on, I could compile without error.


What does cocos.log say? It should give us more info.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Here we go:

Input file: C:\CocosProjects\Test\build\jsb-default\src\settings.js
Compiling ...
Encoding ...
Done! Output file: C:\CocosProjects\Test\build\jsb-default\src\settings.jsc


But there is no error?


What does cocos.log say when you try in release?


If I remembered correctly, there were no useful information in cocos.log. I will try again tomorrow and update you with the details.


Sorry for very late reply.

After updating to latest Cocos Creator, everything is working fine now.