Cocos Creator new dev tool?

Cocos Creator new dev tool?
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Hi coso2d devs!
i saw cocos creator in
is this better than using cocostudio?


Looks good, seems like its oriented to cocos js and uses chromium
anyway its really not clear what they are doing, to me it seems more like wasting time instead of fixing bugs.

by the way the chinese website is a bit more up to date. Why not unify them and just add option for language…


Cocos Creator is for JS only. C++ and Lua would still use Cocos Studio.


I can see why you would say this and in part it might be true. I think what is happening is that we want to make better tools and we have a few teams working on this to see what comes out of each team.


What’s the different between cocos studio and cocos creator? And if it don’t support c++, I don’t think to using it.

I said, cocos studio is great on the some points. (Particle,ui,spritesheet solutions…) But it has major deficiencies in the editor. (Colliders, physics, hierarchy panel…etc)


Why you don’t want to releasing cocos studio as open source? Maybe you may think that option.


yeah your right…
cocostudio is good in its self but as game devs or devs, we want something much much better than he is now hehe


I can’t use cocos studio solution for now. But maybe some developers like us must say that to cocos developer team. I think, nobody cares that except a few person. I don’t want to bring more crictism about cocos studio in this time.


I don’t know why we don’t. Cocos Creator will be closed as well.

EDIT: by closed, I mean closed source. Thanks @Maxxx


I first interpreted that as ‘Cocos Creator will be deprecated’ rather than ‘closed source’!

Then I found a quote (Google Translated)

“2016’s first salon, in addition to official development will bring you the latest developments and technical highlights Cocos engine, but also a grand launch of groundbreaking new products Cocos Creator, it hugs the script, lower technical threshold, significantly improve the game development efficiency, allowing more people to be able to efficiently develop their own games. Cocos engines founder Wang Zhe Great God will live and everyone Secret!”

Now I am excited again!


If it’s just for js it’s pretty lame :frowning: Anyway what makes it different from Cocos Studio?


Will Cocos Creator be available on ubuntu/debian?


@slackmoehrle Cocos Studio has been just released as a part of Cocos product. Will it be availale for separate downloading? And where we can find changelog for CocosStudio. It’s really important to know and understand a what is changed.


Cocos Studio is part of Cocos and not available for a separate download. As far as the Changelog, even I don’t have access to it. Knowing what has changed is a slight mystery. I’ll talk to my superior about seeing if we can at least get access to release notes, etc.


Perhaps. At this time, I don’t know.


Cocos Creator is just for JS. It is different from Cocos Studio as currently Cocos Studio is c++ and Lua.

I really like Creator, it feels very polished and productive. But like many of you, I want c++ too.


After downloading and testing it looks good and reminds me unity a lot. However it’s still missing some basic features.


Where can I download cocos creator? I installed CocosForWin-v3.10 but I can’f find it. When I am creating a project I can only choose cocos studio or visual studio. Looks like I forget something. Thanks


Creator is not yet entirely in English, but we will have a build in the next week or so that is.


I tested Cocos Creator. The solution is useful then cocos studio. It needs just a collider editor and supporting other languages. (c++ and lua) But it’s not bad for who is use cocos2d-x with javascript for now.