Cocos Creator new dev tool?

Cocos Creator new dev tool?
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@slackmoehrle: is the long term goal that Cocos Creator will replace Cocos Studio? And if so, will there be similarity in file structure or a migration path?


I don’t know what the long term plan is at this time. There is a lot in discussion. For now, it is a tool for those developing in JavaScript and Studio is still for C++ and Lua developers.


Hello. :smile:
Any update on the english version of Cocos Creator - especially the User Manual ?

Downloaded the creator to check it out … and I am really excited and can’t wait for the english version :smiley:


The message I got today is that, our out sourced translation of Cocos Creator user manual has been finished. Cocos Creator team will release their English version in Feb, I think.


What’re the basic features missed from your point of view?


I have part of the user manual in English now. I am waiting for the rest from a translation company to review/edit. is where I keep staging versions.


can we already use cocos creator for serious game development? i mean is it ready for game production?
or it is still in beta test?


For HTML5 games and JSB games that you wont’ modify c++ code in the framework: YES.
For JSB games that you will modify c++ code: wait 1 or 2 months.


I tried Cocos Creator, it looks very nice! I also got a C++ project working so I was wondering about a few things, I hope someone can answer that:

  • Will Cocos Creatore be the replacement of Coccos Studio in the future ? Seems like it does the same things and the combination with C++ is already implemented(The basics) so I guess it doesn’t make sense to maintain both tools
  • Is it already possible to load creator scenes in C++ ? The Hello World project uses JS to load the scene but I don’t know if it is possible to use C++ to load them.
  • Will it be possible to load components with their properties using C++ ?

In general I really like it how easy you can create components and properties in Cocos Creator. If you can use most of the features in C++ too it seems like a very good tool for that(I would like to use C++ only). Are you planning to support most of the features using C++ ?


At this time Creator is JavaScript only. We don’t support C++. This may or may not change in the future. I am not current on the road map.


Cocos Creator will not support C++ and Lua.


OK, thanks for your replies!

I was just wondering about C++ support because Creator already creates a C++ project which can be used with Xcode but if no real C++ support is planned for Creator I’ll continue to use Cocos Studio.


great tool. Love the how easy it is to create components. Please do think about adding c++ support.
Would be great to be able to have a tool for the full cocos2d-x suite of languages… c++ , js and lua.


how to disable webgl for desktop browser in cocos creator
? keep getting the "browser not support webgl " error .


Let us ask @pandamicro


If it’s shown in Cocos Creator itself, it means there is some problem with your graphic card, maybe reinstall the driver can fix it.

If you want to run Cocos Creator projects with Canvas runtime in browser, in the build path, you will find main.js, in which you can add a renderMode property to option, and set it to 1. Then your project will be forced to render in Canvas mode.

In v1.0, we will provide the possibility to modify the predefined templates.


But i can’t find the link to download Cocos Studio.
Cocos Creator only support for javascript.

Can i code C++ on XCode?


Yes you can use C++ with Xcode, just open the .xcodeproject file in the proj.ios-mac folder.


Search these forums for the links. They have been given many times. Cocos Studio is EOL’d btw.

C++ support is coming to Creator. See the recent thread about this too


One thing I liked about Cocos Studio was the ability to import Excel spreadsheets. Does Creator also support this feature?

Lastly, I’m using these tools to learn yet I’m more of a C# developer and have been using CocosSharp/C#. What are my options for conversion at this time?