Cocos Creator 1.10.2 released!

Cocos Creator v1.10.0

The complete list of changes is as follows:

Compared to v1.9, the v1.10 version adds a lot of features, refactoring the resources of the engine, and greatly optimizing the size of the settings.js file. In addition, v1.10 also supports game code subcontracting on WeChat games, web and native platforms. This will break through the 4MB limit of WeChat’s first package and increase the game loading speed. See Code Subcontract Loading. At the same time, v1.10 has rewritten a lot of editor code, improving the editor’s experience and performance. If your project is planned to be upgraded to v2.0 later, please upgrade to v1.10 in advance to ensure that the entire upgrade process is as smooth as possible.


Resource upgrade

Since v1.10, Cocos Creator has refactored the underlying resource types. Most projects are not affected, but some projects may receive some warnings. For details, please refer to [v1.10 Resource Upgrade Guide](http://

What’s New


  • Greatly optimize the size of the settings.js file after the release
  • Added script subcontracting settings in the property inspector for the folder
  • Allow each project to set a custom engine separately
  • Add a node lock function in the hierarchy manager. When the mouse is moved to the node, there will be a lock button on the left side. After the node is locked, the node cannot be selected in the scene editor.
  • Added an “Optimization Policy” option in the Property inspector of the Prefab resource file to optimize Prefab creation time. See [Prefabricated Resources: Setting Optimization Strategies] (设置�% BC%98%E5%8C%96%E7%AD%96%E7%95%A5)
  • Optimize the main menu under Windows
  • Add auto-refresh to the list of scenes in the build panel
  • When publishing to the native platform, it also supports adding MD5 to file naming for hot update
  • Script compilation will automatically skip all .d.ts files to avoid TypeScript error reporting
  • The Console panel adds a Clear on Play option to automatically clear the log before the game previews
  • Adjust the text font and color of the Console panel
  • Added search option button in the search bar of the hierarchy manager and explorer
  • Added plugin management feature in the plugin store
  • Allow changes to custom control icons in the control library
  • Resource Manager adds recognition of aac and pcm extension audio files
  • Supports direct search of compressed uuid format when Explorer searches for uuid
  • Allow the right mouse button to drag and drop the timeline of the Timeline editor
  • Added exit menu on Dashboard’s system tray icon


  • Support game script subcontract loading, see [Code Subcontract Loading] (
  • The align mode attribute is added to the Widget component. When set to ON_WINDOWS_RESIZE, it will be automatically refreshed when the window size changes.
  • Official support for [text] ( and [JSON] ( /zh/asset-workflow/json.html) Loading of resource types
  • The native platform adds [cc.sys.getBatteryLevel] ( and cc.sys.getNetworkType interface for getting device power and network status
  • When the native platform is hot updated, it will actively delete the old version of the resource file.
  • VideoPlayer adds volume adjustment and mute function
  • Added DragonBones native platform binding interface getSlots, replaceSlotDisplay and (thanks @feijing566)
  • TiledMap supports rendering and cropping of ortho maps in any direction on the web platform
  • Layout component will only typeset active nodes
  • Retina rendering enabled by default on Android UC browser
  • Enable Webgl on UC browser version 11 or higher
  • Increased recognition of UCBS browsers
  • Gravity sensing is adjusted to only get when the developer has a registration event

Bug Fixes

  • [Editor] Fixes the settings when setting SpriteFrame in the collection
  • [Editor] Fix simulator configuration save related issues
  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where the error message output from the emulator to the console was displayed in white.
  • [Editor] Fix the error when the resource export tool encountered the same parent folder name
  • [Editor] Fixed an issue where copying the automatically synchronized Prefab subnode under the editor may be wrong
  • [Editor] fixes the problem that the fragment texture in the automatic map set will be reported incorrectly if it is directly referenced by other resources.
  • [Editor] Fixed plugin script not correctly parsing CC_WECHATGAME and CC_QQPLAY keywords
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue where the animation may not stop playing when the scene is switched or the node is destroyed.
  • [Engine] [Wechat] Fix some versions of WeChat games to get the problem of each frame interval
  • [Engine] [Wechat] Fix RenderTexture related issues on Android WeChat games
  • [Engine] [QQPlay] Fix QQ Play and play resources will be downloaded repeatedly
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue where the slider of the Slider component might not be right when dragged
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue where the audio load event could be triggered repeatedly
  • [Engine] Fixed a problem where the user changed the level while dectivating the node without any error.
  • [Engine] Fix issues that WebView can’t hide in Safari browser on some platforms (iOS 9/10 or Mac)
  • [Engine] Fixed native platform BMFont rendering pitch problem
  • [Engine] Fixed an issue where the button’s touch area would be offset when Canvas was unchecked Fit Width and Fit Height

Upgrade Android SDK

Starting with v1.10, the API Level in the Android build panel specifies the minimum Android version supported by the compiled apk. targetSdkVersion, compileSdkVersion, buildToolsVersion have all been upgraded to 26. If the developer has other needs, you can manually modify and


  • Removed support for Eclipse and Ant build Android platform
  • Removed support from Chipmunk
  • Removed cc.loader.loadRes to directly load the support of the child SpriteFrame in the collection. Please load the atlas first and then call atlas.getSpriteFrame(name)


  • Since v1.10.0, Texture2D.releaseTexture is no longer recommended, please use Texture2D.destroy instead.
  • As of v1.8.2, cc.eventManager is no longer recommended. Use cc.EventTarget or cc.systemEvent instead. The original API will be removed in 2.0.
  • As of v1.8.2, cc.inputManager is no longer recommended. Replace it with the same interface of cc.systemEvent. The original API will be removed in 2.0.
  • Since v1.8.2, dragonBones.CCFactory.getFactory is no longer recommended. Use dragonBones.CCFactory.getInstance instead. The original API will be removed in 2.0.


  • When copying and pasting a resource in Explorer, the resource property will not be copied. (Since 1.9.0)
  • Android native platform does not support playing remote video.


Windows and Mac


when I build game, all assets in resources folder are encrypted, how to ignore this?


Typo :slight_smile: thanks.

I think it doesn’t remember node tree states. It always fold or unfold all =)

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any idea where I can fork the corresponding engine and cocos2dx-lite release branches?
Only <= v1.9 and >= v2.0 seem to be there.

SOLUTION - master branch contains latest “release”. presumably this will become release-v1.10 when 2.0 is promoted from RC.

I wish give a try to cocos creator: all text in china, impossible to change language before login, impossible to login…

Let me check it out.

You can edit ~/.CocosCreater/settings.json and make sure to have this “language”: “en”,

It was zh. The error message remain in zh. I can log me in the web site, but not into the software

Yup, switch the app in Preferernces → General

I’m blocked here

Do you remember your password? If not reset it. If you are positive about your password I can ask the sysadmins for help.

Have you logged into Creator before?

I have already reset the password. I had never log me in cocos creator.

And you went through the sign up or are you trying to log in with your forum id here?

I have signup directly into the software

ok, let me reach out to the engineering team for help on this. Please e-mail me so we can communicate privately about this.

Cocos Creator 1.10.2 released!

v1.10.2 is a bug fix for v1.10.1. It is recommended that all 1.10 users update the version in time. v2.0 users do not need to downgrade, as this version of the fix is ​​already included in the recently released v2.0.2.

In addition, v1.10.2 does not include a complete fix for WeChat games and QQ play in v2.0.2, so if you need to publish to the small game platform, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest v2.0.2 version. Good quality is inseparable from careful polishing. Thank you very much for your feedback from the forums, GitHub, Cocos technical services and other channels.



  • Fixed an issue where properties such as Widget.enabled were not properly restored after exiting the animation editing mode
  • Fixed an issue where the animation was not saved after editing but the record remained in the editor.
  • Improve the node expansion and folding operations of the hierarchy manager
  • Improve the style performance of the hierarchical manager and resource manager when dragging nodes
  • Fix the problem that the component will collapse when the component’s activation box is clicked
  • When the recovery resource manager copies multiple files, only the first one is copied.
  • Fix the problem that the editor frame rate will be low when the selected particle exits the animation editor
  • Fix an issue where importing an unsupported fnt can cause the editor to get stuck
  • Start the language selection dialog in the page to get the system settings directly


  • Fix removeAllActions can’t remove all action issues
  • Fix touch position offset caused by SHOW ALL mode
  • Fix an issue where Editbox is hidden after 90 degrees of rotation on Chrome
  • Fix the direction of gravity sensing when the vertical screen game is displayed on the horizontal screen when the lock screen is fixed.
  • Fix getting empty tiledLayer properties
  • Fixed a lot of load performance caused by calling loader loading API
  • Fix stopAllEffect, pauseAllEffects, setEffectsVolume will affect the background music problem at the same time
  • Fix issue where once event listener can’t block flat touch events
  • Fix the problem that touchstart coordinates are wrong on WeChat games
  • Fixed some of the black screen problems caused by emoji caused by QQ playing and playing.
  • Fixed some issues caused by passing null on java and js calls to each other on native platforms
  • Fix calculation error for Vec2.signAngle
  • Fixed a problem where multiple lines of text boxes could not be wrapped in some cases
  • Fix ScrollView will have a deviation from the size of the mask when it is inconsistent with the size of the mask.
  • Fix the ScrollView to the bottom right or top left corner, the wheel has a probability to display anomalous problems


Windows and Mac


Selecting a node in scene view still doesn’t expand tree view and doesn’t scroll to the node.

I will pass this feedback along. @jare

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