WP8 2.1 native google analytics complete

WP8 2.1 native google analytics complete
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I spent around 5 hours making the native google analytics work with windows phone 8, finally got it to sent a request to google, was pretty satisfying seeing the live update show on up on Google analytics, it needs work but work and needs more testing but I think it could also be used for pretty much any version of cocos2d-x as it is pure c**, the httprequest would need to be switched to curl or some other class possibly.
If anyone’s interested, I can upload the beta
I repeat I converted c** part not c#

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Hi Ryan,
I’m interested in using native C++ Google Analytics client code in my WP8 app. Could you please upload the present version of your code somewhere? I’d suggest to upload it to GitHub so we may collaborate—I’ll fork you repo, and if I find any issues or somehow improve your code, I’ll push my changes to GitHub so you (and anyone else) may also use my improvements.