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I’ve been checking out cocos2d-x for the past 2 months and I like the project. What it bugs me though, is that most of the tools, are Mac only, for example CocosBuilder. Since I myself don’t own one (yet … a Mac), and am using mostly Linux (Ubuntu to be specific), sometimes Windows, I’ve wondered is there any interest of having a WYSWYG editor for other platforms? The CocosBuilder is open source and I’m thinking about porting it to Linux and Windows. The easiest way that I could think of is using Qt, but there could be some licensing issues since using Qt requires the source to be GPLv3 or LGPL. If there would be licensing issues, Vala comes to mind. So my questions are:

Is there anyone who would like to port CocosBuilder to these two platforms, and would like to help?
The other question: Is someone already doing this? If so I would like to join.



I’m new to Cocos2d-X, but I really like it so far. I’m using Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition in Windows 7 (64-bit). I’d be interested in participating in this. Would the wxWidgets license work?


Sorry for such a long (long time) reply. . . I will look into wxWidgets as I’m not familiar with it. The main goal would be to port CocosBuilder to Windows and Linux. I will see what technology/ies to use for easier portability on both platforms.


How about of Qt - It’s really very good framework for crossplatform development.

Stanko Krstić wrote:

Sorry for such a long (long time) reply. . . I will look into wxWidgets as I’m not familiar with it. The main goal would be to port CocosBuilder to Windows and Linux. I will see what technology/ies to use for easier portability on both platforms.


What are the licensing issues? We’re planning to make the CocoaBuilder source code available, I’m assuming.


Of course the source will be open. If we look at the CocosBuilder it has various licenses . . . I’m all for using Qt because it is a great platform and I’m very familiar with it. We would need to make the cocos2d-x player from the cocos2d-x framework which is MIT license and I’m not familiar with the licensing stuff. If there is no problem for dual/multiple licensing I would use Qt and release it under the license that Qt permits (LGPL, GPLv3). So Alex and Curtis if you’re for it I’ll create a git repo and in time people might join.


Well, I fully support this initiative. I will try to help in porting this wonderful application. I have a question - how will be planned development process?


That’s a great question Alex, as right now I don’t know. I can create a website (subdomain) for this project, and make a detailed plan from there on. For starters I will have to look into the CocosBuilder source and see how and what were they using, and it’s in Objective-C which I’m not so familiar with it, but that won’t be a problem :slight_smile: (I think, I’ll just read the docs and use the Qt api). . . I’ll have to think about this for now, suggestions are welcome.


How about to use for collaboration


Looks great, even better, have you used it before?


Yes, for my small project, and I continue to use it. The project will be located on GitHub?


I’d use github


I think we need to scope out the amount of work. How much code is the Objective-C CocosBuilder, for example? This weekend, I just read up on Objective-C. Of course, I have no experience in it (I’m a C++ and Java guy), but I reckon I can read through the code competently. I’ll download the original and have a look. If it’s monstrous, I’m not sure this is a promising undertaking. I myself am trying to write my first (simple but not trivial) game in Cocos2D-X right now.


So what, guys? Stanko, can you create a portal for the project on the teamlab and then invite us there? Just need to create a repository on GitHub. I propose to write a developer CocosBuilder, maybe he be able to help or share roadmap or architecture project (UML).


I support Alex. Program is certainly necessary to us, and I think many would like to make contributions to its transfer from Objective-C to C + + for Linux and Windows



I’ve just dropped an e-mail to the main developer of cocosbuilder Viktor Lidholt. Hope he’ll write back soon. I’ve created a new project on (new to it btw). The project name is CocosBuilder-X. Now I need to add users (so I’ll need your names). GitHub repo:



the teamlab portal link: .

I’ve talked to the main dev and he wrote me back:

Hi there,
Porting CocosBuilder to Windows is definitely an interesting project. However, there would probably quite a lot of work involved in doing that. Switching to C*+ impose a number of challenges, as CocosBuilder heavily relies on introspection and reflection to create objects from the plug-ins. .
What would you be comfortable using? Qt or GNUStep or Cocotron. Qt is C*+ and maybe some QML for GUI, GNUStep and Cocotron are Objective-C but personally have no experience with the two


Please add me to the project, my email - zhdanov.alexandr.v (at)
I do not have experience neither GNUStep, nor Cocotron too. So, i think it is needed discuss with other participants of the project.


Sounds like we really need to explore the idea of GNUStep. The builder can be in Objective-C, right, as long as it outputs C++ in the end.


Hi guys! Where are you? :slight_smile: