Cocos2d-x v3.10 released

Cocos2d-x v3.10 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cocos2d-x v3.10. This release is a .zip file.

Here is the Changelog.

And download it!

Also, we are offering an all-in-one solution, called Cocos. You can read more about Cocos here.

And download it!

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Cool stuff, can’t wait to download this and check everything out. Is it possible to import something you’re currently working on as a Cocos project? I’m guessing not …


Are you saying you have an existing Cocos Studio project? and you want to import it into Cocos Creator?


No, can I import an older project created with the command line version of cocos into this new Cocos tool? Actually, I see an import button in the screenshots on the Cocos page, so when I get the chance to download it I can see if it works myself :slight_smile:


indeed. you can.


Hey, guys! I’m trying the new ecosystem and COCOS STUDIO seems have a bug when setting anchor points … It just don’t accept floating numbers, so its difficult to set 0,5 for example.

if anyone has the same problem let me know. Thanks!



cool~~try it.


Downloaded Cocos - now really confused!
Create new project, Edit in Studio, Save & Test - all good.
Open project in Xcode, run - just shows basic initial project as initially created - with none of the changes I made in Studio.
There appears to be no help or guides on using Studio - it looks like it might be quite useful, but the help points to generic cocos2d-x help not Studio help.

Am I missing something, or is this just a case of ‘wait for the docco or figure it out yourself?’

(not really complaining - I mean, you get what you pay for, right?)

**** Update - I just went back in and made more changes and this time the changes did appear when I opened the project in XCode - although my sprite animation has stopped actually animating.


Congratulations ! The Cocos all-in-one solution looks good!
I tried to generate both a SDKBOX project with Facebook and InAppPurchases.

The Xcode project did have the correct Frameworks. The source code auto-generated is just the same Hello World app as before, so we have to replace the sources with the available Facebook and InAppPurchases sources in git, which I did, and successfully built the samples


That’s great but when will you fix anti aliasing for draw nodes?


could you add the .pdb symbols with the prebuilt libraries? So we can debug the code in win32 :smile:


Hi, I am trying to import game directory created by console, but it says that invalid format. Any idea how to import?



The animation dosen’t accept percentage positions too = (


Cocos installer is great i like it ,are you planning to add Fyber to the SDK .


Waiting for windows .pdb files as well …


This is the error of an upgrade from 3.8 to 3.10:

[armeabi-v7a] SharedLibrary  :
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/cocos2dcpp_shared/__/__/Classes/DrealsLoading.o:DrealsLoading.cpp:function vtable for DrealsLoading: error: undefined reference to 'cocos2d::Node::updatePhysicsBodyTransform(cocos2d::Mat4 const&, unsigned int, float, float)'
./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/cocos2dcpp_shared/__/__/AppWarpX/appwarp.o:appwarp.cpp:function vtable for AppWarp::Client: error: undefined reference to 'cocos2d::Node::updatePhysicsBodyTransform.(/cocos2dobj:/:localMat4/ armeabiconst/&objs,/ cocos2dcpp_sharedunsigned/ __int/,__ /floatClasses,/ DrealsLoading.ofloat:)DrealsLoading.cpp':
functioncollect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
 vtable for DrealsLoading: error:make.exe:  undefined*** [obj/ locreferenceal/ armtoeab i-v7a/'] Error 1:
Node::updatePhysicsBodyTransform(makcocos2de.e:xe: :Mat4*** Waiti ng forconst un&finished jo,bs....
unsigned int, float, float)'
./obj/local/armeabi/objs/cocos2dcpp_shared/__/__/AppWarpX/appwarp.o:appwarp.cpp:function vtable for AppWarp::Client: error: undefined reference to 'cocos2d::Node::updatePhysicsBodyTransform(cocos2d::Mat4 const&, unsigned int, float, float)'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make.exe: *** [obj/local/armeabi/] Error 1
make.exe: Leaving directory `C:/CocosProjects/Kelimece/'
Error running command, return code: 2.

Can anybody help me with this? Besides it’s a double mess if sdkbox plugins are installed in old version of project.


Unfortunately, the Cocos Installer doesn’t seem to work on my Windows machine. Halfway through the installation, it always gives me an error like “Encountered a sharing while accessing file X”, where X is some file within the target directory C:\Cocos (every time a different one).


I’m sure it’s this bug:

See also this forum thread: Cocos studio 2.2.6 very buggy on mac os

It’s a known bug since months, but still present and unfixed… At least there is a workaround, which is to change regional settings to use dots instead of commas for floating point numbers. But it’s annoying because applications which do ir right will invert the dot and the comma and you have to remember using the dot instead of the comma, or change the regional setting again and again…


Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I will write up an e-mail to the team working on Creator so we can address issues.

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