Wrong font on Windows build

Wrong font on Windows build

Hi all,

Whenever I build my project as a windows desktop version, my custom font is not used on any label.

Anything I am missing, or any way to make it use my custom font?

Thanks and best regards

@slackmoehrle Can you help me out which developer to ask about this problem?

Let’s ask @jare and he can decide whom to ask to help.

Is the font missing when you build? Make sure it is included? Any errors or info in the console to help out?

What font is it? Can you share it so we can try it?

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What version of your Creator?

I am using 2.1.2
It is included in the build, and works fine on Android or Web builds.
I don’t have any errors in the console.
It is a selfmade ttf font, I have to ask if I can share it to you.

Sorry custom font not yet supported on Windows. We will implement it these month.


Is it supported in v2.0.9? As i’m getting the same issue.

Hi, some ttf on Windows work while others are not. Can you upload a test case or the font you want to use?

You can always convert your .ttf to a bitmap font (.fnt) to ensure it works, at least that’s what I do. You can use libGDX’s Hiero tool (scroll down and you’ll see Hiero listed) for this, depends on what you want to do. If you are using a RichText this will not work as it only accepts TrueType fonts. Also a couple of tips: make sure to select a big enough size (aka the largest font size your labels may have). The Line height property when using a Bitmap font seems to be tied entirely to the font’s original size, not the Label’s font size, so basically you don’t wanna change it.

Hiero can do a lot more things such as adding shadows, outlines, gradient and whatnot, super customizable. You can find its documentation here but playing around with it is definitely the faster and better way to learn.

Cheers and hope this helps!