Working with Shaders and Blur effect on layer?

Working with Shaders and Blur effect on layer?


I checked the cpptests and blur effect is there. But I am not able to understand exactly how it is used to apply effect on the sprite. I’ve never used shaders before and I want to apply blur effect to layer.

Looks like blur shader isn’t already there in the cocos2d-x but in cpptests, it’s creating the blur shader and then using it somehow.

Is there anything like…

EffectBlur *eb = EffectBlur::create(blurRadius, .....);

or every shader is created from scratch?

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Can anyone guide me?


Did you ever find a solution to this? Sorta seems like the only way would be to draw the entire layer to a texture and then shader that. Hoping there’s an easier way though!


Anyone find any solution to this? if so, could you post it?