Why is my camera always sets his own orthography?

I’m trying to fit video a long the screen size by just editing ui transform what should i do ? I added widget like down below but it didn’t helped. I changed project settings design width and height to my video width, height also i removed the fit width option.

But camera still changes the ortho value. By the way i’m trying to get an position on Video Player. So even tho screen resolution change i can still calculate via content size but content size never changes

Unselect this option.

It is unchecked.

Camera orth value changes by itself. :thinking:

What is camera orth?

Camera “Ortho Height”.
Changes itself.

I found where ortho height was changed, but i dont kown why either. This method runs in preload of canvas.

Thanks i think i got it its in canvas > align canvas with screen i think ? But i’m not touching anything because i don’t want to ruin it.