Where to get started for ps4 build

Where to get started for ps4 build



I need to get my cocos2d-x game working on ps4. There doesn’t seem to be any help online.
Where do I get started?

I have the dev kit available.



We should be in pretty good shape stack wise and the PS4 toolchain is pretty nice compared the old tools.

Are you all setup to use the dev-kit? You can debug on it, etc?


Not yet? Just got the kit a few days back. I cannot find any support for cocos2d-x/ps4 online.


I meant their example cases.

When I was able to play with one for 2 days I remember that LLVM/Clang was the compiler. I wonder if you could take a simple PS4 example test and then replace with Cocos source and resources from cocos new.


Do i need win64 cocos for this?


Sorry, can you clarify this?


I believe cocos only supports 32bit on windows. I think i need a 64bit version to build on ps4.


oh, I see. I apologize.

We only support win32. However, I think we do this so it isn’t one more platform to support, plus compatibility with older Visual Studio versions. You should be able to make a 64-bit version. I mean we support 64-bit on other platforms.