Whammychat: live-stream chat levelled up!

Whammychat: live-stream chat levelled up!

Hello guys,

So finally we are here.
We have made Whammychat using Cocos Creator and it’s been an absolute journey.
@Orlan was the main man behind the Frontend so all credits go to him.

Using Twitch chat commands, people in the live-stream can now attack, heal and defend messages.
This makes discussions on live-stream more fun and allows viewers to express themselves better.

If you are a streamer, then do check out the details on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/BHcxwKX

We have currently about 250 streamers on Twitch on-board :smiley:

Whammychat Sneak Peek


This is interesting. Can you talk more about your use of Cocos Creator? Can we have you talk with our marketing team? Email me: slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org