Welcome to the Cocos office!

Welcome to the office!

The office here feels very homely. Everyone here is part of one big family. Employees eat breakfast together, have lunch together and connect with each other on a deep level. This leads to the utmost in productivity. If I have a question about the Cocos Creator roadmap, I WeChat the person in charge or just stick my head over my cube and talk with them.

Teams collaborate frequently, such as on renderer architecture and design:

Hard work leads to moments of relaxation. Today several employees celebrated their birthday with cake!

Having a meeting or conversation over tea is always enjoyable. Tea tables are a staple in every Chinese household and in many offices.

You can even read a book over tea:

Camaraderie amongst employees is very apparent. Everyone is proud of the work that goes on here.

After a day at the office, within just a few minutes walk you can end up at the beach to relax:


Great! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. In the second picture, what do this chinese symbols (Words) means?

The logo of cocos2d-x looks like a coconut. The pronunciation of 椰子(coconut) in Southern Fujian Dialect is 雅基.

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Looks cool.

我也用了cocos 近8年,开发了过10款手游。


congrats everyone at cocos.
I’d been using cocos for nearly 8 years with over 10 games developed.

unfortunately, companies in my region has all adopted the other popular game engine,
cocos developer like me lost our market demand.

How can I be part of Cocos2d-x team Asia? I’m in the Philippines.

What do you mean?

Can we visit? This looks amazing, so many smart Cocos2d-x people in one place?!?!

If you are in China and want to come talk with the team, I can arrange that.

probably we need to visit :smiley: cocos2d-x team to motivate :smiley:

I mean I wanna work as a software engineer for Cocos2d-x and get paid. hahaha.

China is a beautiful place. Start learning Chinese.


Alright, I’ll learn Mandarin in 2 years. Hopefully I can visit Cocos2d-x within that timeframe.

2 years is aggressive. It takes about 2000 characters to read a normal newspaper. Maybe more depending on topics :slight_smile:

Assuming you study for hours everyday that is 2.5 characters memorized each day

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