Way to launch keyboard without visual textbox

Way to launch keyboard without visual textbox

Is there a way to achieve it? I’ve seen other threads (a few years old) with no answer. I’ve looked at textfield and EditBox, but they both have a visual box on the screen associated with it. All I want is be able to launch a virtual keyboard, from wherever I want and then receive callback with the text so I can manage the visual aspect of the in-game text.


After numerous tests, I found a few alternative but each have its own problem.

Alternative 1: Put the text transparent and on “editBoxTextChanged” I copy the text into my personal label which is displayed to the user.
Problem: I always see the cursor which is not aligned with the text displayed since they use different type of font and position calculation.

Alternative 2: Use the official EditBox widget to display the text.
Problem: When I exit the virtual keyboard, the text disappear and only reappear when I click on it again.

I am open for suggestion

So after doing some tricks here and there I was able to make EditBox works. However, on some android device, the keyboard does not show up. Any clue?