Vote for SDKBOX plugins

Vote for SDKBOX plugins


Go to these links and vote for your favorite plugins which you need -
Main Link -
AppFlyer -
Request Permission -
Firebase Authentication -
Firebase Crashlytics -
Firebase Dynamic Links -
AppLovin -
ironSource -
Gameanalytics -

But I don’t see link for Facebook Audience Network for Cocos2dx. :frowning:


Why are you asking people to do this?


I am not asking. I was just browsing, and saw these links. Thought of sharing. If you think its not appropriate, then I can remove it.

Also, on some forum post, I saw ironSource voting link was shared. That also kind of encouraged me. It will also make developers know, what features we need. :slight_smile:

Post Link - Sdkbox admob latest update is 7.35.1