VideoPlayer with remote clip freeze while loading in Android

Hello. I am using Cocos 2.4.4, I have a VideoPlayer. While the video is loading the game is completely frozen until it starts showing the first frame. Is this expected behavior? Can I get around in some way?

The device is a Samsung Galaxy J6

I did some tests. I created a new project and put a VideoPlayer. I found the same behavior of the original project, the entire application is frozen until the first frame of the video appears (until it is loaded).

this.videoPlayer.resourceType = 0;
this.videoPlayer.remoteURL = "https url";;

It does have this issue, sorry it can’t be fixed now
we plan to optimize the video player component in the version 3.x

For now, the video reloading may stuck the main loop in the game.
you can try only setting the remote url in the Cocos Creator editor