VideoPlayer component not working in iOS 15 Safari

I need video playback for my project. So I added a video player component and built it as a web-mobile platform. Video works in PC browser and iOS 14 Safari. But iOS 15 Safari doesn’t work. Of course, I also checked the Sample, but the Sample doesn’t work either. What should I do?

Version : 3.5.1

I tested it in ios 15.5 and it works fine.

Please share your editor and component inspector settings.I can’t found. I also failed to play this sample video.I tested 15.5 too.

I am using this project to test.

Thanks. I’ll check again.

As a result of checking, it has been confirmed that some video formats do not work. I checked the properties of some videos not playing.

The result is:
video property
data speed : 2776kbps
total bit rate : 3093kbps

audio property
bit rate 317 kbps

I suspect the video won’t play at high bitrates.

Yes, the parsing of video and audio is different for each platform.