Update Xcode project with just new assets and sources

Update Xcode project with just new assets and sources
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I created a project using chart boost
Then I build the Xcode project and set up my chartboost stuff like plist for http access.
I updated some js sources and built again. Now all my plist changes have been overwritten.
How can I prevent changing my Xcode settings. Just update my sources and assets?


Hi iChris,

I’m not familiar with your particular project setup, but your Xcode settings should be independent of your sources and asset directories/subdirectories. You should therefore be able to add your sources and asset folders as folder references so that they are included in the project and will update inside Xcode without overwriting any other files (ie settings) in the project.


I know about this. Maybe my description wasn’t that precise. I created a Cocos Creator project and from there I used the build option to create a Xcode project. After that I modified some java script source files. Now I wonder how to get these modified files into my Xcode project using cocos creator. I can’t simply copy the files (asset and source) over to the Xcode project. They need some processing first.
If I hit Build in Cocos Creator it creates a new Xcode project and my Info.plist is replaced.