Unable to set .ttf font for CCLabelTTF in coco2d-x

Unable to set .ttf font for CCLabelTTF in coco2d-x
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Please see issue here: for bada platform ( http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/15/topics/9467 )

The same issue is occurring on android platform.
I will quote his text as the issue is exactly the same:

I have noticed that from cocos2d-x_12 when we set some ttf font resource (like arial.ttf )it doesn’t set at all. Its seems this functionality is not working in this build. Even in the “Label Test” in TestCocos2dx sample where ever .ttf fonts are used they aren’t working.

I am working on a project for a client, in which rendering a specific font is imperative.
It is not an option to display a device font, as this font is related to their branding.

This issue is still present, including in ’FontTest", this is still an issue


Is there any new information regarding this issue?
I need to make an important decision regarding the platform to go with, and I really would like to use Cocos2D-x but this issue is a deal breaker


I think your ttf file path is not the same used in codes.
You can refer FontTest, it uses ttf.


i had some issues when win32 would only show fonts that were named like “Arial” or “Times New Roman” and wouldn’t show fonts like “fonts/fontName.ttf” but on android “fonts/fontName.ttf” works fine and win32 started working after awhile too.