Unable to render spine meshes

Unable to render spine meshes


I recently started working with spine in tandem with cocos2dx, and I’ve run into an issue when I try to render my spine animation. I’ve built an android-targeted project on visual studio 2017, with cocos2dx version 3.13.1 and the c++ cocos2dx spine run-time from the GitHub branch 3.6. The spineboy, goblin, tank and coin examples work fine, but my own animation and the raptor example crash with a segmentation fault. This crash has happened during the function spVertexAttachment_computeWorldVertices() on the assignment “worldVertices[w] = wx;”, or on an a deallocate call. I don’t believe I could have corrupted the memory in any way, as I’ve left memory handling to cocos2dx so far, and I’ve tested these animations by running them as the first scene, after only creating these instances: “Director* director = Director::getInstance(); GLView* glview = director->getOpenGLView();”. The project is being deployed on a Schok mini: 8-core, 64-bit Android 6.0 tablet w/ 2GB RAM.

I got cocos2dx running fine. When I downloaded the spine run-time, I used the setup instructions for adding spine to my preexisting cocos2dx project. I deleted the folder specified in step 2, but I was unable to find the “cocos2d_libs sub project and delete the editor-support/spine group”, as specified in step 3. So perhaps the problem is that some hidden deprecated rendering code is being called, though I checked and the vertices function that seems to cause the segmentation fault is from the up-to-date Spine run-time.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.