Tween rotation hide the object

I am using cocos creator 3

I am using following code to move scale and rotate 3d object


            .to(5.0, { position: endPos?.position, rotation: new Vec3(49, 0, 0), scale: endPos?.scale },


                    easing: "linear",

                    onComplete: () => {





the rotation i have give is the start rotation of the object. I expected that it will not rotate at all, but move and scale.

But for some reason the object completely disappear.

If i remove the rotation then all work fine

May I know whether I have given rotation tween correctly?

I think you can’t use Vec3 for rotation, instead try with

rotation: new Quat(49, 0, 0)

Quaternion is not defined,
why it’s appear when i run the game

What version are you using?