Tutorial Category?

Tutorial Category?
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@slackmoehrle Hey I was thinking maybe we should have a tutorial category for the forms?

I am almost ready to release my game and I want to give back with some tutorial on things that I did to achieve some the f functionality of my game! Things like:

  • Loading assets from a password protected archive
  • Integrating Various Audio engines like CricketAudio, FMOD, etc.
  • Integrating with GameSpark for Server side things
  • Optimizing performance of particles with over 10,000 GL Verts
  • AI

And a lot of other things as well!


We have talked about this in the past. The issue is that we can’t control the tutorials for:

  • making sure the assets, code, etc are always available
  • making sure the tutorials are in the same format, uniformity accelerates learnings.
  • people then expect us to support them and not the original author and we dont have the human resources to add this to our schedules.

If you have ways to work around these concerns, I’d be happy to listen.


Only you can do is just simple git repo with examples and docs…