The project is build badly. Android project in Windows with Eclipse.

The project is build badly. Android project in Windows with Eclipse.
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I have a HelloWorld project for Android in Windows OS with Eclipse.

Everything works ok, but if I change the code nothing changes when I deploy the application. Helloworld screen is always shown, no matter what I have written in the code.

For example, in Classes->helloworldScene I comment menuCloseCallback, init and the constructor. In the delegate applicationDidFinishLaunching has nothing inside. Doesn’t matter, when I deploy the app helloworld image is launched.

I searched for that code in all the files and it’s not written anymore.

The files attached to the Classes folder in Eclipse project are correct.

Also, breakpoint is only launched in the java main file. Not even main.cpp seems to be called (Java_org_cocos2dx_lib_Cocos2dxRenderer_nativeInit is commented as well)

I tried removing the app from the device, switching off and on again several times… always Helloworld. The only way to make something different is to remove the image from the folder, then, a error is shown.

I don’t know what can I do.



Hi, any ideas? I’ve been almost a week stuck on this point.

I’m simply following all the simple steps in order to have a basic project in Windows7 for Android and it just seems impossible.

I’ve installed everything again, but it does not seems to be the problem.

For instance, if I don’t set up the project as C**/Java project it’s possible to execute but I can’t build the solution again . If I set up the project as C**/Java all sort of errors appear and, if I ignore them (as suggested in the tutorials) “build” option does not seem to build anything. Message confirming build appears but changes in the code are not shown.



Clean your project,and then rebuilt.


I tried too, unsuccessfully.

Somehow Eclipse does not let me build the version if the project is not java/C*+ combined project. But, if it is, seems like it does not build the project. tutorial it’s not usefull if you are installing everything from zero, for instance, it does not explain how to convert the Java project into C*+/Java project.

Obviously, Cocos2DX runs fine in Windows7 for Android, but it does not seem so. What can I be missing? something more is missing in that tutorial.


Ok, fixed.

Thanks to I’ve seen build a project in Eclipse it does not build, that’s why my changes in the code had no effect.

“So with this approach the idea for Android development is: you write your C*+ code in Visual Studio, JNI code in Eclipse, compilation with Cygwin and deploy with Eclipse again…”
Any change I do to the code must be compiled with, not with Eclipse.
So, Eclipse does not have access to the C*+ code, that means debugging in the device is not possible. Am I right? if so, bad, really bad news :frowning:



You can compile c++ with eclipse, the process is described here or here

Actually if you’re only starting to develop your game I think it’s better to troubleshoot all device-independent problems and make your game run in any screen resolution on Windows, then test it on iOS and only after that switch to Android. You’ll save a lot of time this way.