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@stevetranby, thanks for suggesting the older versions of xcode, I can now build for Mac and almost for iOS. The Mac version actually builds and runs, although I need to test it from Steam now.

However, the iOS version simply won’t run from xcode, I get this error:

The file “PSF” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it. I see this in many other places on the Internet, so it’s not just cocos. I’ve tried many workarounds, but no luck yet.

I saw you suggest possibly using TestFlight. So, you have to upload a version to apple every time you want to run (and can’t debug) and submit it for TestFlight? Man, that’s painful.

This really bites, doesn’t it.

I honestly dont know how to handle this. I can ask engineering if they have thoughts but I don’t know how much of this issue is known to the team at this time.

Using TestFlight was only if you can’t build and run directly on your device connected by USB-Lightning cable. This only happens when the phone has an iOS version that’s newer than the Xcode version can handle. There’s supposedly a workaround to run builds from say Xcode 12.4 on an iOS device running iOS 15.1, but I haven’t bothered trying yet because my desktop has Big Sur. (It was my laptop during travel where I can’t do it, but I’m probably going to upgrade to M2 Macbook Air when they come out, and I’ll just use an old test device when I travel for now).

Anyway, your issue does sound unrelated to Cocos itself.

I’d try creating a new iOS app project, does that work?

Try creating a cocos new Cocos2D game from whatever version you have on your machine.

If either of those work then your game project must have something that got corrupt (if it was working before).

On a quick search looked like some fixed with full clean, possibly clear out Xcode DerivedData, possible check your Info.plist or even copy over one from a new project and re-create a new Info.plist that you need with the correct options for your game. What’s different between your iOS/Mac projects or Targets? Are the Info.plist similar? How about Build Settings?

Sorry, but I don’t think we can be much help on here, might be something to go post on the Apple Support Forums, unless you can confirm that it is cocos2d-specific (which seems unlikely?)

These were my search results: You probably already seen them, but just in case:

Thanks, Steve. I tried creating a new project from my own, by cloning from my remote repo, but that didn’t work. I like your idea of trying to create a whole new project from cocos2dx, so I’ll try that this weekend. I’ve looked over most links over a period of many days, but I’ll double check with your links, you may have found something I missed.

Thanks much for trying, and if I get this working, I’ll let you know.

Ugh, Apple. Love/hate relationship!

@dogwalker You can follow my post from here

It will work with latest version of xcode.