Swuzzle - a highly addictive puzzle! [FREE][iOS][Android]

Swuzzle - a highly addictive puzzle! [FREE][iOS][Android]



Hello everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

So last year, I have decided that I want to learn programming, because I was only capable of writing few loops and functions. So I’ve came up with an idea to improve my skills while making a mobile game. And here I am now - releasing my first game :slight_smile:

This game is called Swuzzle. It is a simple puzzle where you have to pop blocks, but it has a little twist - you have limited moves, blocks are finite and you must rotate the board to arrange the blocks correctly (you can pop only two or more touching blocks of the same color).

I hope you will like it :gift::tada::balloon: Positive karma points for good reviews :smiley:


• Rotate the blocks to arrange them! :arrows_counterclockwise:
• Simply touch to pop! :sparkle:
• Make sure you have enough moves left! 1️⃣
• Got stuck? Use power-up! :bulb:


• Game does not have any intrusive/random ads
• Connect with Facebook to get free diamonds and synchronize your data across different devices
• Facebook friend rankings will be available soon… (waiting for review)
• At the moment there are 45 levels (trust me, some of them are difficult :smiling_imp: )




Additional information

Because I do not have iOS hardware - I cannot test features like Facebook or IAP, so these are disabled in iOS version.

Engine version: Cocos2d-x v3.16


Very nice simple game! :+1:
Design is nice.
It’s amazing that you did it without programming experience in one year :clap:


Yee, I kinda had a dream to make a game. A game that someone would like and play it :slight_smile: So it took some perseverance. However it is sad at the same time, because it’s almost impossible to get noticed, I can’t even post about my game in reddit, because my posts do not appear in news feed :frowning:


It feels simple but I like it. Congrats.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you add and option that speeds up the rotation animation?

I think you came up with your game idea by looking at the game 2048.
You made the idea a lot better, the art and animations are very simple and beautiful!

You could try to add a feature that destroys connecting blocks automatically when rotation the map (like in 2048). I think this will speed up the gameplay a little because you dont have to tap each time two blocks connect. It is fun but I could see tapping each time becoming annoying on big levels.

Very nice game!


Good suggestion about option that would speed up animations.

Speaking about 2048, no, this was not my source of inspiration :smiley:, because 2048 is a very good game by itself.
I was inspired by “Brick Pop” - Facebook Instant game :slight_smile: I found that game pretty interesting, however it lacked difficulty and unpredictability, that’s where I thought about adding rotation.

About the feature - if I would add automatic block destroying, then it would seriously hurt gameplay as you might not be able to win a level if blocks automatically destroys whenever they touch.

Anyway, thanks guys :slight_smile: Got a lot of positive feedback about my game. Maybe I’m gonna make another game someday :smile: However, I must find a way to how to advertise something without any budget :stuck_out_tongue:


What a little diamond!
Such a mechanic is not new, but adding rotation to it made the game much more interesting. Good job!

An additional plus for an interesting name.

Good luck with advertising. :slight_smile:


wow this game is amazing how long did it take you to finish this?


Thanks :slight_smile: Probably ~90% of the game was finished in 6-8months and last 10% took me like ~1year :smiley: