Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator

Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator


We (my team and I) will use CC just for UI with c++ plugin but still not completed (for example page view not working )
We choose cocos2d-x for c++ performance and directly use Open Gl stuff and if cocos go for JS We migrate to Unreal Engine. (sorry but we hate Unity)
I miss cocostudio.


Agreed. Lack of documentation and stable releases looking like beta. QA needs to improve.


We are using Cocos2dx for almost 4 years since 3.0.0pre-alpha, we have many customised class implementation based on the original cocos element. Also we have built our own ads system using C++ which CC cannot use.


Thank you for the kind words. I hope to work on the documentation again someday!


what??? does it mean this job/task is “paused” now? :dizzy_face::weary:


Back in March, Ricardo and I were laid off from the company. Now this task is being done by others in the group.


If Cocos Creator’s documentation is like Phaser’s I will stick to Cocos Creator for all my 2D web games.


Yes, I really think this is a needed step. Honestly, it would also be a fun project.


what??? (sorry)
I don’t know Chukong or Cocos well enough to grasp the “subtleties” of this move… Could illustrate how Chukong blatantly ignore the importance of documentation and community.
I hope I’m wrong and that you will be able to join the team again. :worried:


There’s been some amazing points brought up thus far, I’d like to add a few more.

We’re currently in midst of two projects, one smaller one larger, both with Creator. I really like Creator, there’s a lot of amazing features, the speed that we’re able to prototype features is fantastic. However there’s a lot of things with Creator that still concern me.

  1. With the larger project, having resource bundles would be extremely helpful, there’s many modules of that project where a resource bundle would be perfect to keep the initial download smaller. I know they’re on the roadmap, and they’ve been delayed. However, this is a feature I think that’s truly necessary before real large apps can be viable on Creator.

  2. We have a need to integrate 3rd party SDKs that are not already handled by either SDKBOX or ANYSDK. I’ve asked for some sort of guide or tutorial for how to accomplish these tasks and I was met with silence. SDKBOX and ANYSDK is fantastic if your SDK is handled by them, I have no problem with those products. However, it’s unreasonable that they should implement every SDK. Thus, making it easier or at least making it more visible how to accomplish that would be appreciated.

  3. Working in teams is difficult with Creator, not impossible, but difficult. .fire and .prefab files do not merge well. Even using the FireMerge tool provided by Big Fish Games, there can be dozens and dozens of conflicts, and they’re not necessarily easily resolved, it’s difficult to determine what node you’re looking at, what property you’re adjusting etc. So, making these files easier to work with, so I don’t need to be leery every time I change a .fire or .prefab would be appreciated.

Even though Cocos itself is becoming quite mature, Creator and it’s spin-off engines are still very young. There’s a lot of growing pains to go through. Creator is competing with products that have been around much longer, have gone through these pains, and come through the other side. I’m very much looking forward to the point where Creator gets there too.


Hey, you’re the same Kiori over at


Acutal H5 or js or html or webgl, have been advised by many large companies for more than 10 years, but tody, it’s still not hot for HD game development. There is a stone reason: the truth, the browsers never focus on game runing. And play game on mobile browser experience is very bad. And user offten use browser to searching, reading news and etc. I believe many many companies only deploy their’s games at Android or iOS or both of them. four years ago, I have this mind, now I still have this oponion.


Well very simple and straight answer …I think it doesn’t have direct support to cocos2Dx with including all feature that cocos2Dx it self offering. If I wanted to have engine where i have to use in between language to implement game codes than i would pick GoDot game engine. just look at that it has everything inside handling by editor and soon those guys are about to bring c# too.


Yes, I happen to know a lot of people. :smiley:
I’m still the admin at the godot forum, it’s something I do on my spare time to help the community.

Fell free to pm me or find me on discord if you have any further questions. :wink:


I don’t use it because I hate javascript and because mostly I just want to code in a “real” programming language.

If I wanted to use a full fledged engine with scripting support and an incredible editor I’d just use Unity which right now is miles ahead of Cocos Creator, or even Godot which is more mature and better from my point of view (don’t use it because of the “slow” scripting language they decided to invent instead of using something well known and tested).

In this moment I’m using cocos2d-x because the performance for the type of game I’m making is better than unity (at least on mobile). As a side note, even if I probably will never use creator I’m quite insterested in cocos2dx-lite and I hope someday it replaces the convoluted codebase which cocos currently is.


because it doesn’t run on linux


Javascript: So much for a “non real” programming language…



R is also in that list and is far from a real programming language (it is just basically a great language-toolkit for statistics and Data Science like Matlab or similars), so it doesn’t say anything.
Apart from python (which I’ve used a lot in machine learning projects) I hate almost all of the dynamically typed languages.

I get that lots of web developers who are interested in getting into game programming are looking for javascript engines because is “easy” to learn and they’re familiar with it but I just don’t like it and it isn’t used a lot for game programming (even Unity is dropping the support for their javascript-like language).


JS. I do not want to offend JS programmers, I am sure that there are talented guys among you, but for me this language just does not fit and debugging in JS is a problem.


I think languajes are like music intruments. There are people that play piano, guitar, etc. The result (the game) is the important. :sunglasses: