Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator

Survey: the reasons why I won't use Cocos Creator
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Yes, I happen to know a lot of people. :smiley:
I’m still the admin at the godot forum, it’s something I do on my spare time to help the community.

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I don’t use it because I hate javascript and because mostly I just want to code in a “real” programming language.

If I wanted to use a full fledged engine with scripting support and an incredible editor I’d just use Unity which right now is miles ahead of Cocos Creator, or even Godot which is more mature and better from my point of view (don’t use it because of the “slow” scripting language they decided to invent instead of using something well known and tested).

In this moment I’m using cocos2d-x because the performance for the type of game I’m making is better than unity (at least on mobile). As a side note, even if I probably will never use creator I’m quite insterested in cocos2dx-lite and I hope someday it replaces the convoluted codebase which cocos currently is.


because it doesn’t run on linux


Javascript: So much for a “non real” programming language…



R is also in that list and is far from a real programming language (it is just basically a great language-toolkit for statistics and Data Science like Matlab or similars), so it doesn’t say anything.
Apart from python (which I’ve used a lot in machine learning projects) I hate almost all of the dynamically typed languages.

I get that lots of web developers who are interested in getting into game programming are looking for javascript engines because is “easy” to learn and they’re familiar with it but I just don’t like it and it isn’t used a lot for game programming (even Unity is dropping the support for their javascript-like language).


JS. I do not want to offend JS programmers, I am sure that there are talented guys among you, but for me this language just does not fit and debugging in JS is a problem.


I think languajes are like music intruments. There are people that play piano, guitar, etc. The result (the game) is the important. :sunglasses:



The reason i stopped working on the game i was working on was that TMX Tiledmaps did not support depth sorting for sprites added to their layers, which ultimately made it useless for my project.

I haven’t worked on the game for 9 months since i was told the issues would be fixed by an update last summer… appearantly the new beta should finally fix this issue, so I will soon start to work on that game again… only problem is that now i no longer have a team because of multiple reasons, a pretty strong part of which was my decision to go with cocos creator and it neither providing working features that were supposed to be in there from version 1.0 on and my trust in developers actually solving them when i was telling them about the issues…

Javascript was not the issue, lack of functionality and disregard of it were.

(also i keep getting likes on old posts on the forum which contain information that should really be part of tutorials and documentation by now, which does make me happy but is not a good sign in general…)

I hope I’ll be happy with the current version once i continue developing.


Cocos Creator Future

I don’t use it because I have an existing (C++) codebase I’m porting to some Cocos2d platforms.
I need a library, not an editor.


I am engaged in an argument in favor of using Cocos Creator.

My biggest stumbling block in terms of promoting it use is

  • The extreme lack of up to date english documentation, video tutorials etc.
  • The documentation that does exist is heavily crosslinked to out of date documentation, documentation for different products or non english content.

My next biggest issue is the lack of trust: I previously successfully promoted a project using Cocos2d-x that started very code oriented, but finished relying a lot on CocosStudio which really did accelerate our workflow a lot. Before the project was even finished “CocosStudio” ceased to be available as a download however, and its touted (At the time) replacement - CocosCreator targets an entirely different use.

On the documentation front - I think that “Cocos2d” is doing itself a disservice in that it doesn’t explain at all the difference between Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-js and CocosCreator very well - which ties into the documentation quality issue above - its very easy to be searching for how to solve a problem using Cocos Creator, but instead find the Cocos2d-js documents. Both topics will generally cover (for example) Sprite Sheets - but the CocosCreator docs will tell you about auto-atlas (which doesn’t apply to a cocos2d-js project at all) and the cocos2d-js docs will mention supported atlas creation tools whose output CocosCreator cannot import.


And you guys forgot to update :
With 1.6.0 builds.

  1. Closed sources
  2. Poor C++ support
  3. Doesn’t run on linux


We won’t use Creator because:

  1. It’s component based system can’t be used in cocos2d-x in a proper way. The engine was not designed for that.
  2. It does not have stable C++ support.
  3. It won’t allow to create some complex games ever so we just need some simple and stable UI/assets editor (like CocosStudio was) without some logic programming (especially written in JS/LUA etc).
  4. We don’t trust any new editors any more after you shut CocosStudio down.


I’m using old version of cocos2d-x + CocosStudio for my game. I need just a simple editor and C++ engine, that I can fix/modify a bit if needed. It’s been a while since Cocos Creator release, but cocos2d-x + Cocos Studio is still much more stable and fits much better for me.

I hope that one day developers will return to the idea of having C++ engine and simple scene/nodes editor that just creates some files for loading in C++ code. This combination is easy to learn, easy to use and is ideal for 2D games.


Same, bro, same!


Cocos Creator is nice, but It doesn’t fit my needs. If I was working on a simple game, maybe it’s good. But not for projects like farm/city builder games. I prefer C++ version of engine and a flexible visual editor without any game logic :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. JavaScript - I really hate to debug and write code that has no static typing
  2. I feel with the C++ version I could still fix a critical error as I can touch all the code, while I dont have the feeling I could do that with Creator


Hmm, haven’t seen this topic before, maybe because I’ve added to ignore this section of the forum to Muted. ANyway.

I don’t want to about little things like closed-source editor, bugs in it or lack of C++ support.
I just want to say that Chukong guys totally don’t understand what is a good editor and how to develop it, develop a quality…

Looking into the past, lets take a Cocos Studio. Glitch, bug, freeze and overall wrong ideology in UX and UI. How it’s made actually? JS? I don’t believe that using Qt you can do such an awkward tool. I will not be polite, I had to be forced to use it for one customer game…

So, what’s happened with it? Abandoned. And main reason why is not because it was closed source or hanging and bugging all the time, but it’s design.
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

Another try, lets clone Unity! Cocos Creator, yea. I see it same as Cocos Studio in perspective. Most likely recognizing for themselves(Chukong) that they don’t understand anything in the design, so decided to just clone already popular toolkit. I am sure that there is no future for such an approach.

I’m suggesting you to think about it well and start over. Refactor engine, remove all js and scripting, all; focus only and only on the C++, develop cross-platform editor using Qt(which probably should use engine as render, well same idea as in SpriteBuilder) and again using C++ for editor.
By the way, If you want to clone some design, please check SpriteBuilder or maybe SBX(it’s not cross-platform… yea, but if it was, actually there were not chances for any editor like you doing currently, believe me).


You are right and i saw how you feel bad through your words,

It’s bad feeling ,watching what you love falling down

Cocos2dx was always the right choice for 2d game for mobile in my opinion

But , the new direction is just wrong

C++ is the best programming language for creating games in my opinion, ( since I’m old school developer)

I really wish if my knowledge in javafx same as qt
So i will build my own editor:slight_smile:

Javafx not the right choice because the engine in c++ and javafx using java… should use qt

Anyway i hope hear good news in the future

Best regards and good luck everybody


I took interest in Cocos2d thanks to its C++ and Python support, but since Cocos Creator doesn’t support either of those languages, I don’t plan on actually using it any time soon.

The interface (from what little I’ve seen) is very Unity-like, and while like Unity, it supports Javascript, I wouldn’t use Cocos Creator even if I was a JS coder. Reason being that my game dev class requires me to use Unity, and thus, I don’t see why I should switch.

Though, I would be more than happy to use Cocos Creator if it supported C++, since I am right now learning Cocos2d to get better at C++ game programming. If it came to support Python as well, I’ll also use it after I get to a certain point in game programming skill with C++.

Was this too detailed? xD